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Vandermonde Determinant, what am i doing wrong?

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    EDIT: I figured out what I was doing wrong, trivial mistake. If this could get deleted that would be good.

    so using {x,y,z} i'm making a vandermonde matrix; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vandermonde_matrix. When calculating the determinant by cofactor expansion I calculate the determinant to be the polynomial yz^2 - zy^2 - xz^2 + zx^2 + xy^2 - yx^2.

    However, when I use the formula for calculating the determinant on the wikipedia page i get a different polynomial, one that includes a term of degree 3.

    How is this possible? What am I doing wrong? How could the determinant of a 3x3 vandermonde matrix possibly be a polynomial with maximum degree three? Help :-(.
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    I don't think there is anyone here called Vandermond Determinant (Dutch?), sorry, so I don't think you will get a reply.
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    Yes, Vandermonde is dutch:
    Van = From
    Der = The
    Mond = Mouth (usually mouth of the human body, but it is likely to mean a place near the end of a river here).
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