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Vector question on component subscripts

  1. Aug 28, 2009 #1
    What does A1mean? This A1 component does not even have a X subscript.

    Then there's A1x and resultant R2.

    Can anyone give an example on how to interpret and graph both vector components & resultant from a problem?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Do you have a specific question, or context, in which you've seen this?
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    It's lab, but I haven't seen this in the book.

    1 Mount a pulley at the 20 degree mark on the force table and suspend a mass of 100 grams over it. This gives a force A1. Next, mount a second pulley at the 120 mark and suspend amass of 200 grows over it, giving a force A2.

    a. Calculate the magnitudes of these forces, their representive langhts, and their components. Record these calculations in table 1.

    b.Draw a vector diagram for A1 & A2 with their lengths represented in centimeters. Use the parallelogram method to add these vectors geometrically to get the resultant vector R1=A2 + A2.
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    Oh, ok, well the subscript doesn't mean anything too special there. You could just call the forces A and B, with resultant R. The subscript in that case is just a label.
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