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Vectors of 3 components (3 dimensions)

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    Hi, I don't think my textbook gives much information on vectors in 3 dimensions. The first chapter is on vectors, but only uses 2 and 1/2 pages to explain vectors in 3 dimensions. I have found a wealth of information on vectors in 2 dimensions (there are literally hundreds of detailed videos out there), but can't find much except for a 25 second video clip and one 3 and a half minute video clip on 3 dimensional vectors. Any good resources for vectors of 3 components that are explained step by step indepthly? Perhaps a video series?

    P.S. I am somewhat biased towards video instruction. I know there is most likely a wealth of information on the internet for vectors of 3 components in print form, but I really prefer instruction in video format for some types of "abstract" concepts, at least at first.
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    thanks Dr. Morbis. I didn't realize KhanAcademy had vectors in 3 dimensions!! Apparently there are other common terms for the this topic such as 3 space and R3.
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