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Homework Help: Velocity and particle of a particle with a wave going through

  1. Mar 21, 2006 #1
    2) Find an expression for the velocity of a particle in the medium while a wave is going through, and its acceleration.

    I first thought that the particle might under go simple harmonic motion when the waved passed but then I remembered that the speed of a wave is determined by the properties of the medium it travels through. hence v is equal to the square root of elastic property/inertial property. So now I am confused as to how to solve this.
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    What is the mechanism for physical interaction between the wave and the particle? Is the particle floating on a water wave? Or is it a charged particle that is influenced by an EM wave travelling by?
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    Do not confuse the speed of the wave with the velocity of the particles . Each particle undergoes simple harmonic motion, as you said (so their speed is not constant, nor is their acceleration). The wvae, on the other hand, has a constant speed, given by the square root you are describing.

    Hope this helps

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