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Homework Help: Velocity of a proton after accelerated through potential

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    hey Hoping that someone could possibly help me start this problem... I dont know which formula to use... maybe something to do with Kinetic energy... but like I said I am not sure how to start this problem!
    Thanks for your time... here is the question!

    A proton is accelerated from rest through a potential of 6.3 × 105 V. What is its final speed in m/s? (mp = 1.673 × 10-27 kg.)

    Its really simple I know but for someone reason it has me stumped
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    Hint: W = qV
    where V is p.d and q the charge.
    The work done by the p.d is converted to the KE of the particle.
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    thanks I think me got the answer now thanks!
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