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Ventilation Requirements of different Labs

  1. Jan 10, 2015 #1
    Could someone please help me find a comprehensive source that might tell me anything about the functions of the following Labs (These Labs are found in an agricultural laboratory)

    Preparation room
    Mixer's Room
    Stability Analysis Lab
    Mineral Analysis Lab
    Chemical Storage
    Blood Analysis Lab
    Microbiology Lab
    Proximate Analysis Lab
    Chromatography Lab
    SAS Rooms
    Clean Corridors

    The kind of information i'm looking for would be anything that could lead me to the ventilation requirements of the lab and things such as whether or not they would require fume hoods/biological safety cabinets ,etc.

    Any information is highly appreciated
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    What is your job description? Generally, the person who decides what work is going on in the lab is the one who decides whether that work requires a fume hood/BSC.
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