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Nokia Bell Labs (formerly named Bell Labs Innovations (1996–2007), AT&T Bell Laboratories (1984–1996) and Bell Telephone Laboratories (1925–1984)) is an American industrial research and scientific development company owned by Finnish company Nokia. With headquarters located in Murray Hill, New Jersey, the company operates several laboratories in the United States and around the world. Bell Labs has its origins in the complex past of the Bell System.
In the late 19th century, the laboratory began as the Western Electric Engineering Department, and was located at 463 West Street in New York City. In 1925, after years of conducting research and development under Western Electric, the Engineering Department was reformed into Bell Telephone Laboratories, and placed under the shared ownership of American Telephone & Telegraph Company and Western Electric.
Researchers working at Bell Labs are credited with the development of radio astronomy, the transistor, the laser, the photovoltaic cell, the charge-coupled device (CCD), information theory, the Unix operating system, and the programming languages B, C, C++, S, SNOBOL, AWK, AMPL, and others. Nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work completed at Bell Laboratories.

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  1. Elizabeth111

    Vacuum Pumps in Labs: Applications and Types

    Summary: Research about the different vacuums used in labs and their applications. Hello, I am currently seeking assistance from people who work in labs. I am researching about the the different types of vacuums used in labs and their applications. Any information that you may have, please...
  2. C

    I Calculating Collection Rate Error in Labs

    Hi all, I'm having a bit hard time performing error calculations on one of the lab results I got. The lab dealt with finding collection rate of a certain material onto a wire. While inside a vial, the wire was soaked in the material for a specific period of time. Then the wire was taken out of...
  3. Terrakron

    Teaching Chemistry labs and demonstrations online now -- Suggestions Please

    Summary:: How to do chemistry labs and demonstrations for online education. I am teaching two lab sessions one on general chemistry, one on organic chemistry. Now th we are going “online” I need a lot of help. Do you have videos showing labs?
  4. T

    Virtual Physics Labs - giving some resources and asking for some

    Hi all! Like everyone else, our university physics department is prepping for online labs. We are utilizing great simulations from several sites, check them out below if you haven't already. We are able to rewrite many of our labs 1:1 conversion to online! Colorado PhETs...of course ...
  5. E

    Certificate in creating virtual labs?

    Hello, I want to learn how to create virtual labs (html5, java and on) for physics education purposes. I could work on my own, but I am more interested in getting a solid background from experts. Is there any online course in which I could enroll? Thank you
  6. nmsurobert

    Deciphering Labs vs Activities in High School Teaching: A First-Year Perspective

    i'm about to finish my first year of teaching. The district says that 40% of the ciricumlum is supposed to be "labs", but from what I've seen teachers pass as labs are more like activities. What do you consitiutes a lab versus an activity in a high school setting?
  7. K

    Other How to choose between two labs I like for my dissertation?

    I'm a first year PhD student and the program I'm in requires three laboratory rotations. I have finished those and all three of the PI's explicitly said they want me to join their lab. I would consider joining 2/3 of them. I really like both PI's and the work they do (and the work they would let...
  8. Grant

    Determination of an Acid (Monoprotic) by Titration Lab

    I tried looking for my unknown (209.70 g/mol) online and couldn't find it. The closest I found were H4O7V2(217.907 g/mol) and HCl2I(198.819 g/mol), but I know I am correct to a 2.7% accuracy. What other lists can I use to solve this?
  9. accelerandom

    Fun experiments to disprove Flat Earth

    Hi everyone, I work at a small high school that does one-on-one teaching with students who often have some kind of attention related learning difficulty or have trouble in a large classroom. The physics and chemistry courses I have been teaching have very inadequate lab sections and we have very...
  10. C

    Open Circuit Termination for Waveguides in High Frequency Labs

    Hi everyone, I am trying to understand that why do we use open circuit terminator for wave guides or any RF element such as coupler and etc. I know if we just leave it open, it does not work as open circuit. But why?
  11. A

    Other Academia, Industry, or National Labs?

    What do you guys think is the best area to be employed in? Depending on various degree levels, which area is better for undergraduates, graduates, or those who already obtained a degree? Which area is more helpful for getting into graduate school (if you're an undergrad) and which area has more...
  12. P

    Do theoretical physicists also work in labs?

    I heard they sometimes need to use powerful computers or see the experiment and results.
  13. ezfzx

    Archived Should Labs be Written in Pen?

    A student asked if the labs need to be written in pen. Apparently, the lab instructions say to do so. Actually, I forgot that was in there. It’s kind of a hand-me-down set of instructions from ancient times (a few years ago). I should probably take it out, but it's worth a short discussion. The...
  14. DHF

    What Is the Correct Term for an Astronomy Lab Without Its Own Telescopes?

    Hello, I am doing research for a story but my question pertains directly to Astronomy so I felt it fit here better than the sci-fi board. The main character is an Astronomer who works in a lab that receives data from the Dish in Parkes Australia. The lab she works at does not have a telescope...
  15. Ackbach

    MHB Physics Labs: What Works and What Doesn't

    Having taught physics for several years now, both algebra-based and calculus-based, and seeing what works and what doesn't in labs, I thought I would post some of my findings here in one place for your edification. 1. I am decidedly NOT a fan of what I call cookie-cutter, follow-the-recipe...
  16. D

    Who are best manufacturers of training equipment for labs?

    We're going to equip our fundamental physics labs: - Mechanics lab - Electricity and magnetism lab - Geometrical lab - Thermodynamics lab Which brand is qualified in your experience?
  17. J

    In absolute need of help with chemistry labs

    I just got out of my chemistry lab class at school, and needless to say, I don't think I am going to get a good grade. Basically, I felt like a complete idiot today. My professor was getting frustrated with me because he thinks I wasn't listening to him (even though I was). I never in my life...
  18. jcoona

    Resistors Used in College Electrical Circuits Labs - Any Suggestions?

    I am taking an intro electrical circuits course which requires that I write extensive lab reports. I just completed a really simple lab about calculating resistance when configured in series and parallel, etc. In my intro I'm writing a short explanation about resistance, and resistors, and...
  19. Mr. Bitters

    How does 1st/2nd year undergrad labs compare to real research?

    i'm not sure if this is the best place to post this so if its in the wrong place I'm sorry and ill try to move iti've always loved physics. I've never been good at much of anything except math and science. Never could play an instrument worth a damn, zero athletic ability, and so forth, but math...
  20. T

    Ventilation Requirements of different Labs

    Hey, Could someone please help me find a comprehensive source that might tell me anything about the functions of the following Labs (These Labs are found in an agricultural laboratory) Preparation room Mixer's Room Stability Analysis Lab Mineral Analysis Lab Chemical Storage Blood Analysis Lab...
  21. S

    What chemicals all labs should have?

    If the question doesn't make sense how 'bout this one: "What chemicals should an amateur chemistry lab should have for experimentation?"
  22. R

    Need an advice -- C&K Tech Labs handheld portable lab/meter

    Hi all, I would like to know your opinion. I have been looking for a handheld multimeter online and I have encountered this company www.cnktechlabs.com. They are coming out with a new product - a handheld portable lab. The product looks very interesting. I was wondering would you consider...
  23. F

    I enjoy physics but dislike the labs

    I was just wondering what anyone has to say about doing graduate school for physics, but not wanting anything to do with the labs. Is is possible to go to grad school and do a phd without really getting too involved with lab work? I remember being in labs in physics 1 and 2 and I would...
  24. shanepitts

    Prepare for Physics Labs & Reports | Tips & Resources

    Next semester I have registered for three basic, physics lab courses - mechanics, E&M, and optics. These will be the first labs I have ever done. I have purchased the lab manuals and read through the rules and procedures. I am slightly worried about the reports that I have to write during and...
  25. Q

    Changing Labs: How to Do It Without Disenfranchising My Professor

    Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a predicament. I am a rising junior and I have realized that I would really like to transition to a different research group sometime in the near future. I have already received several offers from this research group in the past and have taken a graduate level...
  26. Greg Bernhardt

    Quantum internet running at Los Alamos National Labs

    What do you quantum experts think of this? http://www.technologyreview.com/view/514581/government-lab-reveals-quantum-internet-operated-continuously-for-over-two-years/ Link to the paper http://arxiv.org/abs/1305.0305
  27. Ackbach

    MHB Useful Derivation for Labs Involving Rolling Balls Down an Inclined Plane

    Problem: In beginning mechanics physics labs, it is very often the case that you get large experimental error. This can be due to a number of factors, friction, of course, being a major player. However, it can also be the case that you might be comparing apples to oranges. For example, if you're...
  28. T

    Schools Labs for astronomy/astrophysics grad school?

    The grapevine has it that the upper-level lab courses are garbage at my school - both the professors and what you learn. The non-lab coursework is pretty solid though. Can I skip the labs and just do the core physics courses if i am planning on doing astronomy/astrophysics for grad school? or...
  29. S

    Affordable Physics Labs: Teaching Forces & Friction with Everyday Items

    So I'm student teaching right now in a poor school with a physics program less than 3 years old. The lab equipment is not great. So I'm trying to set up a lab on forces, friction, etc... but there is not a lot of the stuff I'm used to using like the tape timers to measure acceleration. But...
  30. N

    Physics Switching Career from Information Technology to Physics (National Labs) after 40

    Dear All, I have read many threads on second careers including the excellent blog by ZapperZ "So you want to be a physicist" and then reaching out to you all for guidance. First, a brief introduction on myself: Industry Experience:  I am a US Citizen based out of the Northern NJ/ NY...
  31. E

    Schools Grad schools associated with national labs

    Hey all, I'm starting my search for mechanical engineering grad schools and I could use a few suggestions. Just, so you know a bit about me, my current niche is in energy and I have experience in combustion research, but I've also always been interested in space-related work. Maybe I could even...
  32. M

    Improving Lab Skills: Tips for Better Results in Chemistry and Physics Classes

    Hello, In my chemistry and physics classes and I severely lacking. On the whole, I am good at the theoretical work in these classes, i.e. my tests scores are a lot above the average, however, when it comes to doing labs, I just can't for the life of me figure out what's going on. It seems like I...
  33. A

    Are you struggling in physics and chemistry labs?

    For the past couple of years I've been having trouble in my physics and chemistry labs. Not horrible trouble - I still get good grades and understand what's going on. But everything seems to be 10 times more painful for me than everyone else... I can figure out what should be done next, and...
  34. QuarkCharmer

    Conquering Group Labs: Tips for Success at University | My Experience and Advice

    I have a Group Lab due on Tuesday and I have not yet heard from anyone. I tend to think that most people aren't as serious about their grade as I am, so this is pretty annoying to me. Should I just do the lab myself, just in case? I have already finished my part of the lab, and I simply won't...
  35. Simfish

    Courses Doing coursework/computer labs for courses you're not enrolled in?

    I know that it's technically not allowed. But some professors allow (and even encourage) motivated individuals to do it anyways. In any case, has anyone else done this? I'm considering doing this after I graduate, as there are some labs I really want to take (they're mostly computer labs). Of...
  36. F

    How Does the Structure of a US National Lab Work?

    Sorry if this question seems incredibly ignorant. Anyway, my quick question is what is the structure of a national lab (in the US). I'm familiar with the traditional university model (grad students = cheap labor, post docs = better cheap labor, professors, etc), but how do national labs...
  37. R

    How are your Physics (or other, for that matter) labs?

    What are everyone's thoughts on their undergrad labs (especially) for Physics? Do you like them, find them interesting or exactly the opposite? How are they conducted, what do you do? I am asking these questions, because in my first semester the lab was the most dreaded part of going to...
  38. A

    Searching for a Modern-Day Equivalent to Bell Labs

    I will be going to university next year and I've really fell in love with the idea of working somewhere like the old Bell Labs. What I want to know is... Is there a modern day equivalent to Bell Labs (anywhere in the world) or have I created an unattainable dream, rooted in a long forgotten...
  39. dav2008

    Are employees of national labs considered federal workers ?

    Are employees of national labs considered "federal workers"? With the recent news that most federal workers are likely to be under a pay freeze for the next 2 years, I was wondering if employees of national labs fall under this umbrella.
  40. M

    Difficulty With Groups In Physics Labs

    What do I do if I have a hard time contributing in labs? Everytime my professor tells us to work together on a lab, I always walk away feeling like it was a wasted learning experience because I couldn't contribute. Additionally, labs are hard for me because there seems to be a huge mentality of...
  41. Monocerotis

    Physics Labs & Error Calculation

    Homework Statement This is just a question regarding error calculation in physics labs. I've never before in my career as a student done any lab work, this is a 1st year undergraduate physics course. For this lab we were required to create an experiment that would illustrate acceleration...
  42. Pengwuino

    College physics: Labs vs. Recitations?

    Have there been any studies done as to which is more effective as supplements to teaching introductory physics courses, labs or recitations? I've been having discussions with a fellow grad student who has never taught a intro physics lab about their effectiveness and also with a professor who...
  43. kq6up

    Using Labs to Teach Physics/Chemistry

    I teach High School Chemistry and Physics in a low income area. I have grown to become a skeptic in the over all value in labs. I do see them as a way to mix up the class and make it more interesting from the perspective of changing up the scenery. However, I am not convinced that students...
  44. K

    Courses Taking full course load with labs -NEED GUIDANCE

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to major in chemistry double minoring in physics and math. Next year I'm registered for a full course load (5 courses) each comes with a lab 3 hours long (except one which is 2hrs). These are all second year courses and they cover material I've never heard of. The...
  45. J

    Exploring Nuclear Engineering Careers: Private vs Government Labs

    I'm currently attending U of I and majoring in Nuclear engineering, following in my fathers foot steps, and here i arrive at the problem my father is a nuclear engineer like i have said above and works at a nuclear power plant, and seeing what he goes through working at a power plant I'm sure...
  46. Topher925

    Whats the dress code at national labs?

    Kind of a stupid question but I'm very interested to know. I would think business casual but a lot of the pictures I see online of people working in labs are wearing ordinary close (jeans and such). So if you were a grad student going to visit a lab for a few days what would you wear?
  47. D

    Exploring Career Options for Physics PhDs: Industry and National Labs

    From what I've seen, most of the threads concerning jobs after receiving a PhD in physics focus on professorships. But I haven't seen too much about working in national labs and industry. So here are a few things I've been wondering about myself: How hard is it to get a job in industry? In...
  48. T

    Companies and Labs that Hire Physicist?

    I was just curious about knowing a few specific names of companies and labs that hire physicist. So can anybody list a few? Thanks!