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Vertices position relative to a Quad

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    English is not my native language and I have these type of questions all the time.

    I would like to know if the terms Linked and Opposed are correct when one wants to talk about the position of two vertices relative to a quad for example, as in: "Vertices A and C have an Opposed Relation." or "There was a movement from vertex C to the Linked vertex, D."

    I don't think that Opposite and Link fit better than their participle past ('ed).


    Thanks for any help :)
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    Thank you, but that only shows that I'm probably trying to use a term that has nothing to do with this, since it states the following:

    "The link of a vertex of a tetrahedron is the triangle." I don't get it, or how it related to this :frown:

    In my languange we say something like: "adjacente" and "oposto", just like for angles in Pythagoras Theorem.

    Still since this is for modeling it doesn't sound good to me :S

    For example I want to say that those Cyan and Yellow vertices have an -Opposed- Relation (as in they are in Opposite sides of that Quad). (fair use of language? If I say "Opposite relation" is ok? )
    But then Cyan moves up to that small black and white vertex to which it's -Linked- to (or connected).
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