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Automotive Very high value of negative camber angle

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    I was wondering that what will happen to a car which has a negative camber angle of over 45 degrees, will it make impossible to even move or it is possible if we design special tires for the same..? i know it will be almost impossible to steer such a vehicle but i want to know what is the significance of the alignment of tire when it comes to tractive force and efficiency.Although grip is dependent on camber angle and so is the tractive force , still is there any possibility that a vehicle with almost 50-60 degrees of camber can move within a speed range of 0-50 mph with a sound efficiency?
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    jack action

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    Yes, it can move. There's a whole design style about extreme camber, it is called oni kyan or demon camber.

    Is it efficient? No. Purely styling. Normally, when you add camber, you want to add toe-out to compensate such that the tire do not steer when the car is driven in a straight line.
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    Ranger Mike

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    good one Jack,,,,I did not know this .....true proof you can teach an old dog new tricks...
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    I would guess aspect ratio of the tire will determine the maximum camber that can be harnessed.
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    Thank u everyone:-)
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