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B Viability of log-log transformation for some data

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    I have taken AP Statistics, and this is for the final project. What we have learned consists of some simple significant tests (t test, z test for proportions, two sample tests, chi squared, and logarithmic transforms).

    My partner and I are considering creating a scatter plot of distance between dominoes and the speed of the dominoes. If we applied a logarithmic transformation to the data (assuming there is some power relationship, which is most definitely not centered at the origin), would the data appear somewhat linear?

    I would also like a clarification, do log log transformations work on, say, parabolas with vertexes not centered at (0,0)? (I just plotted a parabola with its vertex at 2,4 in mathematica, and the graph turned out strange for values to the left of the vertex, is there any way to amend for this?)

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    Test it? For some relations it can become linear.

    No, unless you take that offset into account separately (e. g. plot log(x-1) instead of log(x)).
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