[Vibration analysis] Timoskenko beam Vs.Euler-bernoulli beam ?

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for explanations and detailed studies or even brief ones about the differences in Vibration analysis and dynamic studies as well as static analysis between

    Timoskenko beam and .Euler-bernoulli beam

    when should i use Euler-bernoulli beam?

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  3. Hi.As far as I know Timoshenko beam model includes the effect of shear efforts which is usually neglected when dealing with slender beams. The most of the beams you will encounter are slender (steel beams for example), which are much longer than wide so unless you're analyzing concrete beams (which are usually not so slender) I think you can use the Euler-Bernoulli beam,it's simpler.


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    I already told you the difference in another thread, why create another thread and ask again?
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