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Video about how to find centroids?

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    dose anyone know a website that has a video about how to find centroids?
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    Re: centroids

    I assume you want to find the centroid of a triangle. What, exactly, do you mean by finding a centroid? What are you given?

    If you're given the coordinates of the vertices of a triangle, then just take their average to obtain the coordinates of the centroid.
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    Re: centroids

    F(x)= any equation over an interval for an example
    F(x)=x^2 for [4,8]
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    Re: centroids

    Try YouTube. They have lots of math videos.

    But here is an example I will make up.

    Find the centroid of the semicircular region with radius a centered at the origin.

    By symmetry, the x-coordinate of the centroid is 0 since the y-axis is a line of balance.

    [tex]\overline{y}=\frac{1}{\text{area of region}}\int\int_{R}ydA[/tex]

    The area of a semicircle is [tex]\frac{{\pi}a^{2}}{2}[/tex]

    So, we get, using polar coordinates and the fact that [tex]y=rsin{\theta}[/tex]


    So, the centroid is [tex]\left(0,\frac{4a}{3\pi}\right)[/tex]

    Let's say the radius is a=1, then the coordinates of the centroid would be


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    Re: centroids

    I found this on YouTube:

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