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Videos that motivate you to be involved with science

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    Back when I was a kid I wondered how a plane could fly given that it had a lot of weight? When I got a bit older (14-15), I wondered what causes a rocket to blast off? My friend who was my age, and much, much smarter than I explained it very well conceptually, and then whipped out some math he had learned to show me why. I was amazed by what he had shown and inspired by physics. That is how I got into it, and the little things still inspire me to stay with the subject.

    In terms of videos, I don't really watch many videos that are geared towards science directly. However, when I watch Survivor, I often wonder with just a little physics knowledge, these "survivors" could do a bit better as a whole. Example:

    My favorite competitor, Bob Crowly

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    Feynman talking about beauty :)

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