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YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. Although the most-viewed videos were initially viral videos, such as "Evolution of Dance" and "Charlie Bit My Finger", the most-viewed videos were increasingly related to music videos. Since Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" in 2009, every video that has reached the top of the "most-viewed YouTube videos" list has been a music video. Although some of the previously most-viewed videos are no longer listed on the site, reaching the top of the list is still considered a tremendous feat.
In November 2005, a Nike advertisement featuring Brazilian football player Ronaldinho became the first video to reach one million views.

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  1. docnet

    Hyper-realistic AI generated videos and audios

    Without wasting time, this is an AI generated video of Keanu Reeves. This is an AI generated audio of some famous people having a conversation. As you can see AI generated videos and audios have become so realistic in the last few years. It could be very difficult to tell what's real and...
  2. caffeinemachine

    I Feedback for my YouTube Videos on Real Analysis

    Some time back I posted about my videos on Group Theory on YouTube and got valuable feedback from the PF community. With the response in mind, I made substantial changes to my presentation. One of the main complaints was that I was speaking too fast. Here is my recent video on Real Analysis...
  3. Nuwebwave

    Please mention all physics animation videos that you know

    I want to watch and learn more n more physics concepts with the help of animations, please tell me where can i get more n more videos like this. Such as bernoulli's theorem
  4. V

    B Videos from Big Event 2015 (Växjö): Loophole free Bell test

    vhttps://play.lnu.se/media/t/0_hgz7034c A.Zeilinger: The Future of Bell Experiments. https://play.lnu.se/media/t/0_6jkhpefo G. Weihs: Violation of Bell’s Inequality under Strict Einstein Locality Conditions https://play.lnu.se/media/t/0_q2r30syq R. Hanson: From the first loophole-free Bell...
  5. gmax137

    FB and youtube videos -- mirror imaging

    Does anyone know why this mirror imaging happens?
  6. D

    MHB Free Math Tutoring Videos Focusing on Math Olympiad, Calculus, and High School Math

    Dear members in this nice community, Let me introduce myself first. My name is Derek Liang, and I am from Canada. I hold a bachelor degree in math education, a PhD in math from China and a PhD in applied math from Canada. I have more than twenty years of experience teaching and tutoring math at...
  7. bland

    The Annoying 'That's Bad' in Science YT Videos

    Just about every science related you tube use this patronising expression such that it's almost de rigueur. I find it mildly irritating and distracting as I can hear it coming halfway through whatever they are saying. Everyone from Arvin Ash to Sabine (bee) Hossenfelder and everyone in between...
  8. robphy

    I Learn Physics with Eigenchris: Relativity & Tensors

    This set of videos by eigenchris (separate playlists on Relativity and on Tensors) also looks interesting and can help anyone interested in learning about these topics. A while back I watched some of them and thought they could be helpful. I like his presentation of one-forms. (I've been...
  9. robphy

    I Ta-Pei Cheng's "Relativity & Cosmology" Course on YouTube

    I was browsing YouTube (again) and stumbled upon this set of lectures by Ta-Pei Cheng. (I've seen the cover of the textbooks... but I'm not familiar with the author-lecturer or the details of the texts... but this looks interesting.) http://www.umsl.edu/~chengt/...
  10. robphy

    I Andrzej Dragan's "Course on Relativity" Videos | YouTube Playlists

    Andrzej Dragan ( https://www.fuw.edu.pl/~dragan/ ) has a "Course on relativity" on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/c/relaTVty/playlists I'm not familiar with Dragan... but the videos display some flair and personality. (...
  11. C

    Videos of exploding oxygen tanks

    I can't find anywhere direct videos of exploding oxygen tanks. Have you seen one? How does it explode? Does the tank disintegrates into smithereens like a sidewinder missile? Or does the cap blows off and the oxygen tanks becoming projectiles? And how do the exploding flames behave? The tank...
  12. Ivan Seeking

    Where did old videos of rock groups come from?

    I have often been surprised to find music videos from the late 60s and early 70s, of people and groups like David Bowie, and The Guess Who. This surprises me because the first music videos I remember came along with MTV in the 80s. And I have often heard it discussed that MTV rushed in a new era...
  13. G

    Could you point me to interesting videos about plasma balls?

    Could you point me to interesting videos about plasma ball?
  14. Haorong Wu

    Relativity Need recommendations of videos on GR

    I have searched on pirsa.org for videos lectures on GR. There are many available videos by different professors. Are there any professors' videos suited for introductory and intermediary levels? Thanks.
  15. sahilmm15

    Studying Scholars & Physicists: A Look into Their Approach & Use of Online Videos

    I am curious about how top scholars or passionate physicists approach a new topic or a chapter. Do they just dive right in or they do something else before approaching the topic? What's their method of working? Also, I want to know the significance of online videos in understanding a topic...
  16. Ivan Seeking

    How to Fly a B-26: Official Training Film

    How to fly a B-26 - an official training film. Just in case you're ever trapped on a desert island with no means of escape except a B-26...
  17. Jarvis323

    Zoom-Clude®: A new extension for occluding people in zoom videos

    You may have watched this interview of Nobel prize winner, Roger Penrose. Now with Zoom-Clude®, the amazing nobel prize winning Firefox extension, you can block out the left person on a video of a 2 person zoom meeting. The extensions works on both PF and YouTube. Different occlusion...
  18. david2

    Music Making Music with YouTube Videos - Have You Seen It?

    Hi, Some years ago I saw a youtube video in which a song was made using other youtube videos with people playing a single instrument or people singing. They just mixed the videos together to make a new song.It was awesome! I cannot find it, anyone knows?
  19. SamRoss

    Can YouTube videos be translated on phones for ELLs?

    Many of my foreign language students do not have computers at home, only phones. I have tried unsuccessfully to find ways for translated subtitles to appear in YouTube videos when played on a phone. Does anyone here have a solution? (Specific solutions for Android, iPhone, and Galaxy would be...
  20. H

    B Looking for opinions on YouTube Fermilab videos

    I've come across a few different videos from this person and I'm curious if they are accurate enough to rely on.
  21. L

    How to replicate Linux Academy's videos for blog?

    Hi, I'm starting a blog that will have computer-related courses on there. My question is how exactly do I replicate the way that courses are made on Linux academy? What software and hardware do I need? what ediiting software should I use? What exactly do I need to replicate the videos like Linux...
  22. Manasan3010

    3D Animation Software used in Physics Videos by Eugene Khutoryansky

  23. S

    What could be causing Youtube videos to not play on a Dell Windows 10 machine?

    I have a Dell Windows 10 machine new in January. Lately when trying to watch any YouTube video on the Edge browser I get the (particularly unhelpful) message "An error occurred. Please try again later." with a video ID number. I'm sure my internet connection is fast enough - I can watch videos...
  24. L

    How to replicate NetworkChuck videos (Youtube)?

    Hi, My question is how exactly do I make professional-looking courses like NetworkChuck (On YouTube) and screen recording courses for Udemy/Skillshare/Teachable? I run Windows 10 and I'm looking for specific hardware and software that I need to replicate youtube videos and videos for courses...
  25. davenn

    Stargazing Short videos on the Messier catalog of deep sky objects

    Some of you may be familiar with the 60 Symbols YouTube channel, that have many great physics videos They also have a sister channel that is dedicated to discussing space related subjects, called Deep Sky Videos. Here I present their collection of videos on the Messier catalog Enjoy this...
  26. Mark44

    Auto/Motor Interesting Youtube videos on fixing nonworking engines

    I've recently viewed a bunch of YouTube videos by mustie1. Here's one, in which he repairs an old generator that hasn't run for years -- In other videos that I've seen, he takes mopeds, motorcycles, and a variety of things with small engines, and gets them running, even some with frozen...
  27. Ygggdrasil

    YouTube purging chemistry videos

    Chemistry World (a magazine published by the UK Royal Society of Chemistry) is reporting that YouTube seems to indiscriminately be taking chemistry videos off of the site and banning the creators of those videos...
  28. E

    Linux: Videos play fastforward

    Hello, Everything was just fine, and today when I opened Ubuntu on VirtualBox, the videos on YouTube played fastforward (and the voice as well). I googled this issue, and the solution seemed to change the audio output option as System>Preferences>Sound>Output Then select "Internal Audio Analog...
  29. hyunxu

    What physics videos should I watch?

    Hello everyone! I'm a newcomer.I don't know a lot about physics because I'm just a student.What are the videos (in YouTube ) I should watch to gain knowledge in physics?
  30. Grands

    Are most of the YouTube videos fakes?

    Hi guys. I noticed that online there are a lots of explication about the fact that many famous you tubers post fake video. They post video that seems spontaneous, but it seems that it isn't like that, because they pay actors to play. What do you think ?
  31. E

    A Before the Big Bang - New videos - Cambridge university

    There is a series of documentaries from professor Hawking and his colleagues. Hope you enjoy it.
  32. M

    Suggestions for videos teaching engineering concepts

    I hope to one day help engineering students by having a wealth of videos that cover the "weed-out" courses (in the first two years of engineering curriculum). Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make these videos be the best that they can be? I plan to do narrated powerpoints, but I...
  33. O

    Physics videos to popularize physics - any good ideas?

    Hello. I will make some physics videos for children to bachelor thesis to popularize physics. I have a lot of ideas. However, I want to make same experiments more interesting. But I don't have any good idea right now. I think that there is a lot of creative people which could help me and give me...
  34. P

    Can I become a better player by watching others play?

    So I put this question in this category because i think it might be too much on the medical/neurological side than on the general discussion , if i did a mistake sorry The question can be made in another way: do i create links between my neurons in my brain that i can use as i watch pros while...
  35. jedishrfu

    Music Sabine's Music Videos -- The Cat is Dead....

  36. liometopum

    How to easily view YouTube videos frame by frame

    I wanted to share this updated website. To easily watch YouTube videos, frame by frame, go to http://www.watchframebyframe.com Insert the video link, and you can easily move from frame to frame. This is a major upgrade from www.rowvid.com, by the same people, I think. For example: 1...
  37. benny91xp

    B Walter Lewin videos -- why ± 0.5 cm uncertainty why not ± 0.1?

    here is the link to walter lewin video lecture please jump to 13:13 8.01x - Lect 2 - 1D Kinematics - Speed, Velocity, Acceleration i thought that all meter ruler/ meter stick use ± 0.1 cm as uncertainty .how did he get ± 0.5 cm?
  38. S

    Find out real locations of flash videos

    Hello,I want to find out real locations of videos which are played by Adobe Flash Player. Through reading many articles I realize the only feasible way is to sniff the HTTP traffic and even this method can fail. Is this thought correct?Senmeis
  39. FallenApple

    Where can I find advanced E&M videos on the level of Griffiths?

    I'm looking for good videos on advanced E&M on the level of Griffiths. A lecturer in the style of Walter Lewin or Shankar is what I'm used to. Someone with strong emphasis on concepts &/or theory. Any recommendations?
  40. Y

    How to disable all the videos on the side of the browser?

    When I go on some forum, or even opening the Yahoo page, there is always some videos running on the side of the main screen. This really slow down the internet and some times bombed out firefox and I have to restart Firefox. These are very annoying. I like to block all the side screens. Anyone...
  41. B

    Why does the picture on my videos not keep up with the audio

    I frequently download videos from youtube onto Real Player on my laptop. Lately, when I have played videos on Real Player, the picture of the video on my laptop's monitor will freeze for 10 or 15 seconds, but the audio keeps playing normally. Then after 10 or 15 seconds of my picture being...
  42. W

    B Strings 2016 Videos: Unwatchable & Unresponsive

    Is it just me or are the videos at Strings 2016 unwatchable? They start and stop and continually seem to buffer, as if the bandwidth is not sufficient. The organizers did not respond to my email. I don't see a way to download and view offline, and I can't tell anything about the streams, e.g...
  43. DiracPool

    What interesting videos did you watch today?

    I thought I'd try a new experiment. Post a few video's that you saw today that you think might be of interest to the PF community. I know we have here the "YouTube classics" thread and the new section with the science videos, but this is designed to be more specifically attuned to what videos...
  44. S

    How to create microscope videos?

    Hello, I don't have a microscope yet, but I want to buy one, sometime in the future. I was wondering if anyone can teach me or recommend me some good resources for learning how to make microscope videos. I would like to compare the difference between cooking oil and cold press cooking oil for...
  45. C

    Fluid Mechanics Videos: Resource for Video Lectures

    Hello, does anyone know a good resource for video lectures on the subject of fluid mechanics?
  46. D

    Looking for online videos on QFT using path integral method

    Hi. I am just starting to study QFT using the path integral method and for which the main textbook is by Srednicki. Does anyone know of any good online videos which would be suitable Thanks
  47. T

    YouTube Videos Extremely Choppy (Ubuntu 15.04)

    When watching videos on Ubuntu 15.04, youtube videos are being EXTREMELY choppy. HTML5 player is on, and it's still choppy. I turned off hardware acceleration, and same result. It's getting to the point where it's annoying.
  48. MidgetDwarf

    Resources: Notes/ videos to sketch better geometric figures.

    I been googling videos and notes regarding the sketching of geometric figures, such as: planes, solids, 3rd/ 2d geometric shapes. Could not find decent resources. The reason i ask is that I am having a hard time picturing certain problems with my mediocre drawing skills and I also tutor so it...
  49. Malaxus

    Question about Holograms and 3D mid air images, videos, etc.

    I am very curious about holograms and if there is a possible way to project 3D , mid-air images and videos on air with no holographic screen (The Princess Leia hologram in Star Wars). If it is not possible, how long till they actually start arriving to the world and how will they work/operate?
  50. R

    Editing Videos from Crunchyroll: What Technology to Use?

    What technology can I use to upload a video so that I can edit some parts? For example, I like watching anime online and will like to edit a scene where I believe the anime studio did a horrible job. The video I want to edit is on Crunchyroll (which is an anime website), how can I (for the lack...