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Vinegar and Steel Wool Question

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    Hello. In my science class we had fun with steel wool and vinegar. So just for kicks I left the remains in a closed jar and shook it up every few days or so. Its been around 6 months and today I opened it just to see what was in there since the entire jar was pitch black. Inside was a dark silver mush that seems to be magnetic. I took some out of the closed jar to expose to the outside air to evaporate any remaining fluids and left it on a powerful magnet. What was left over was a dark magnetic, very fine caked powder. What exactly is it? Can this powder be introduced to anything to make a homemade version of ferro fluid? Thank ya kindly.
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    It might be Fe3O4, known as magnetite or lodestone. But I've never heard of it being made that way.

    Edit: it probably does contain Fe3O4, but I doubt if it's very pure. On the other hand it's probably fairly safe to experiment with.
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