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Virtual Reality Headset Resolutions

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    Before I tried VR headset. I thought it was just looking at screen closeup. but no.. it's more than that. I mean.. it's like you are really immersed in the surrounding and there is 3D effect I haven't foreseen. Most of those who haven't tried it wouldn't appreciate the experience.

    To those who have tried VR headset. You know what I'm talking about. I tried the $100 Samsung Gear VR headset after I bought the new Samsung S8+ cellphone. Although it is great experience to use it. I can still see pixels in the screen.. this is because you are so close to the screen.

    Have anyone tried other VR headsets? Is there one where the screen has super high enough resolutions that you can't make out any pixels?

    And most of all. I'd like to know something. What resolution or kind of screen in the future where the screen or display would be indistinguishable from looking at real objects? This would be the ultimate virtual reality headset where you may think you are in a real environment.
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    This seems to be the highest resolution at present:


    It has resolution of 5120x1440 compared to my Samsung 8+ 2960 x 1440.
    Can't they make the pixels smallers hence even higher resolution, what sets the limits of the pixels size?

    To those who haven't viewed thru a VR googles. It's not like looking at a screen up close. It's due to the fisheye lens that comes with it that makes it feel like you are looking at distance and 3D hence the experience is immersive (like you are in the scene and not just looking at the scene) and you have to experience it to know what I'm talking about.
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