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Virtual schools

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    I don't see this being a good idea.

    Kids spend too much time in front of screens already plus the system is said to be an option for:

    * bullied children who need their confidence rebuilding
    * families living abroad who want an English education for their child
    * children with physical or personal health barriers
    * children who have been home-educated

    As far as the 1st and 3rd options go - imo, these kids should be in school, surrounded by other kids. School's not just about learning, it's about learning how to interact in different social situations; learning how to cope for later life.

    The 2nd point: send them to an international English school - again they need the interaction.

    The home-education is another thread.
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    I would have to agree with you. I do not see many, if any advantages to online schooling with teacher support. I see a lot of disadvantages to it as well.

    But, that being said, school by correspondance can be an excellent idea for some people. I was never bullied in school, not am I psychologically/physically disabled, but I am doing all of my course work at home, with noone pushing me except myself. I dropped out of high school and in the middle of a school semester, wanted to finish my high school, but had to do it via correspondance since I obviously could not enroll with a school mid semester. It has totally changed me.

    There is absolutely NOONE pushing me, except me. If I don't do my course work, noone gives a crap, it's my life. This is how the real world is. You won't have a teacher asking you to do your work, you will just get fired by your boss. Distance learning can teach you skills that you may never learn in high school. I find that a lot of friends I know still procrastinate after high school. I blame this on high school "due dates", assignments must be handed in at a certain date. With distance education, your teacher doesn't care, finish it whenever you want, if you want to graduate at 30, fine. lol. My marks are in the high 80's - 90's now and I am easily able to motivate myself.

    So yea, I agree that having a class room on the net is counterproductive, but it is a step in the right direction. I feel strongly the duty of motivation should be placed on the shoulders of the student, not the school system, as thats just not how the real world works!
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    There's not much of motivation in teenagers :\
    I, as current high school student, would find such online school complete non-sense. As J77 correctly noticed, school is also about learning how to live in society and communicate.
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