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B Visibility of Ceres, Uranus, and Neptune with $60 binoculars

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    Is it possible to see them with binoculars in a dark, clear sky?
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    Uranus - naked eye
    Neptune / Ceres - probably, google best times to look for them
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    You do not post the specs of your binoculars, but with a typical 7X35 set you might possibly be able to see Uranus. AND you would need to KNOW where to look ie you would not actually see anything except a faint dot on a background of a set of stars.

    The other two, no, the above set just would not be able to magnify or resolve either. And if you were to somehow buy even better magnification ($60 probably keeps you in the 7-10X magnification range), you would need some type of tripod to remove the jitter that you get at much higher magnifications, so you still wouldn't actually see your prey.
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    as stated by Grinkle in post #2 ... Uranus is a naked eye object a lot of the time ( depending on relative positions of earth and it)
    When favourably placed, it has a distinct blue-green colour in binoculars and an easy disc in a small scope

    At the moment Uranus is in the Pisces constellation and around M6.1 will for most people would be just below naked eye threshold,. but easy in bino's, ideal for southern hemisphere nitetime

    Neptune, currently, is in the daytime sky and not far from the sun. This makes it a non ideal time to see it
    And at M 7.8 it would need bino's or a small scope to see it in a nite time sky as a small star like dot

    Ceres isn't far from Uranus at the moment, but at ~ M8.2 you will pic it with good binoculars from a dark site
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