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Volume/Mass of SO2 released from a Sodium Bisulphite Solution?

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    The aim is to work out the ventilation requirements for the Sodium Bisulfite (NaHSO3) storage room to ensure COSHH compliance.

    From my understanding, the oxidation of NaHSO3 with air results in the formation of SO2.

    The vapor cloud above the bisulfite solution is composed of SO2 and H2O.

    Available Data
    Temperature : 293 K
    Vapor Pressure: 4kPa (H2O + SO2)
    SO2 Vapor Pressure: 0.9 kPa
    Solution Density: 1280 kg/m3
    Spillage Volume: 1 m3

    Please let me know if any additional info is required.
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    Welcome to PF. This is a question that should be answered by a local professional engineer or industrial hygienist. Just computing dilution of a spill (a big spill!) isn't enough. The physical layout and method for fume extraction in non-spill(notmal) conditions are important too and you can't be assured of getting reliable answers from strangers on the internet. Thread closed.
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