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Volume of a closed surface (divergence theorem)

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    Green's and Stokes' theorems can by used on surface integrals, just like they are used for 2-D integrals.

    The math is a little more complex, however.

    Google: 'line surface and volume integrals'
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    I am searching for something similar to this:

    EDIT: I think that the volume can be calculated by:
    [tex]V=\iint_{S}\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\subset\!\supset xdydz = \iint_{S}\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\subset\!\supset ydzdx = \iint_{S}\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\subset\!\supset zdxdy = \frac{1}{3}\iint_{S}\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\subset\!\supset (xdydz+ydzdx+zdxdy)[/tex]

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    This equation is really correct?
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