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Engineering Volunteering at an engineering firm/company

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    I am a recent in Civil Engineering looking for full time. It seems that many jobs want someone with experience in their perspective field. So I want to find some volunteer work in some local civil Eng. firms. For those working in an engineering company and/or have worked with volunteers, do you find them to be a hassle? I'd imagine I would ask a lot of questions but I don't want to be an annoyance to those working there.

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    In the early to mid 80s, I worked for Bechtel. They were great to work for, if you don't mind relocating as jobs finish. Although some assignments, like the nuclear power plants, can last a career. I've worked with startup engineers that had been on the same nuclear site for as long as 18 years. Bechtel used new grads too. Bechtel was large enough to take on newbee types and interns. You can get a very wide variety of experiences. I even worked as a radiological engineer at a waste sewage treatment plant. pew pew

    So, if your having trouble getting into a smaller company that may not be able or willing to deal with a learning curve, look at the big A/E construction companies. Good luck.
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