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News Voting for anyone but rather than just for

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    Voting for "anyone but" rather than just "for"

    Would you think if would be fair if people were allowed the choice to vote for "anyone but" a particular person >>> in other words, subtracting a vote from a candidate so that all other candidates can catch up?
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    Thats a damn interesting notion that might inject some vigor into an increasingly moribund system. Not sure of the mechanics. Lets say we have someone like Perot, vs H Clinton vs Romney. You're not crazy about Clinton, favor Perot, but don't want to "waste" a vote, so you vote anybody but Romney. I'm sure all the games theory gurus could give a much more cogent analysis than I, so won't bother. It would seem though this would be best mated with a second or even n'th election, until as usual we are forced to choose the lesser of two evils, (but they may be less evil?)
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    Some proportional representation systems already pretty much works that way whereby you vote in order of preference ignoring any candidates you really dislike so if your first choice is eliminated your vote transfers to your second choice and so on. In each round of counting the excess votes of candidates that reach the quota (normally >50% of the vote) are redistributed as are the votes for the person polling the least who is eliminated. The vote counting finishes when canditates reach their quota or when the number of candidates left equals the number of positions to be filled.

    A key argument against this system is it effectively gives equal weight between one person's first preference and another's second, third, fourth or more preference.
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    I voted for the lesser of two evils last time and was unsatisfied with the result. I'll never do that again.
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    I'll resist the notion to suggest that you misgauged the "evil" quotient. At least this time around, looks like we have some brains to choose from.
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    Makes no never mind to me, I am not going to vote for the lesser of two evils ever again.
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    Trying to understand your logic here...

    So, next time you're going to vote for the greater of the evils?
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    I never put smilies on my jokes. It gets me in a lot of hot water, but that's the way I am.
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