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News The candidates' views on the separation of church and state

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    Hi all! As a republican (libertarian to be exact) I would only consider voting for 10 out of the 17 candidates (I mean, if I were voting age). The 7 I would never vote for are in that place because of their lack of understanding of the separation of church and state. I just don't understand how they interpret that separation to mean that you can, for example, discriminate against LGBT people and deny them marriage legally. What do you guys feel like their interpretation of this concept is?
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    I suppose you might be wanting to discuss same-sex marriage, but you do not explicitly say so. Anyone in the LGBT crowd can marry, that's no problem at all. The problem arises when two people of the same sex want to perform a union and have it recognized as a marriage under the law. Some people find that offensive and others do not, and others just do not have a rigid opinion on the subject but are fluid in interpretation. That is written considering the phrase "discriminate against LGBT people and deny them marriage legally" as being a whole thought unit.

    Splitting the phrase into its 2 parts, one can see that there are 2 issues, but cross related:
    1. discimination against LGBT people
    2. deny them marriage legally. ( which would be a subset in the realm of discrimination ).

    Discrimination can come from all quarters of society. Legal discrimination has to be clearly state sanctioned.
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    This goes against our rules of discussing topics such as religion.
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