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VSl theoreis and energy creation

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    As I understand it VSl theories say that when the speed of light changes the law of conservation of energy is violated, so the origin of matter at the big bang is a consequence of this change in C.
    But do they not also say the the reported variations of the fine structure constant maybe a hint that VSl is right? If so should we be seeing violations of conservation of energy today? Perhaps they need a bigger movement in c, does anybody know?
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    The claimed changes in the fine structure constant, if they were accurate, would have happened a long time ago, long before the Earth formed. So it'd be difficult at best to detect any energy conservation violations (since energy is only conserved locally anyway).

    Our most sensitive tests of changes in the fine structure constant are performed within our own solar system, and those have shown no change at all. But those detections are only relevant to the present and recent past. The claimed detections typically spawn from a time before our solar system even formed.
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