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Waiting for a postdoctoral application's decision: what to do next?

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    I'm applying for a postdoc position, say, in Australia. At the end of the interview, the reviewer said that the decision would be made soon after one or two weeks. Now four weeks passed, no recalls. It seems that the host institution has contacted my first PhD supervisor in the first week, and the second supervisor in the third week.
    What should I do now? Should I ask them whether they decided?
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    Of course.
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    Chances are good they offered it to someone else, and that person hasn't made a decision as to whether or not they'd take it. If it takes this long to get back to you, you're probably still in the running but might not be the top choice.
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    It's fine to call or email to ask at this point.
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    Many thanks.
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    I did ask them, but still there was no replies. Do you think how much chance (percentages) I still have. Does that mean that my application was denied?
    Thank you in advance for any answer?
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    It would be good to call them and ask for the situation. You may see a thing or two from their answers, even when the answers are not straight forward.
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    Last time, when I was applying for a PhD, same situation happened. I somehow showed anger to the employer, and the application failed. This time, I don't know how to say in the voice call. Well, maybe I'll call them at least to confirm that I no longer need to hope.
    Thanks a lot, luben, anyway.
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