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Walking sinusoidal as you follow a RF Standing Wave?

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    A friend who was in Civil Air Patrol once told me he was using some RF Locator equipment and was "homing in" on a target.

    His walking path to the target was sinusoidal because of the wavelength of the frequency used. He said he was literally walking the wave.............

    Standing wave, I assume?

    Or was his imagination getting the better of him?

    Is this possible with the right frequency?
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    EM waves travel in straight line (unless they are continuously being reflected/refracted/scattered) and not sinusoidal. If you want to follow an EM wave you have to travel in straight line with the speed of light. The sinusoidal shape you see in a graphical representation of wave is representing the amplitudes of the electric and/or magnetic field at the various points in space, it is not how the EM wave travels in space.
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    A standing wave is not propagating...It's a stationary oscillation of the object (of the magnetic and electric field in case of EM waves).
    Then what Delta2 said
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    That standing wave is between 2 points? Could it be between a transmitter and a mountain, water tower, etc, etc?

    The nodes are/or can be fixed in that stationary oscillation?
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