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So I've been discussing on here a lot of my issues right now with majors.

I want to go into grad school for physics, without a doubt.. but the thing is this...it will take me an extra year to finish a physics major, as opposed to a mathematics major.

I've been told, however, that I obviously need a physics background to get into a physics grad program (no surprise there..).

My question is do I have ANY alternative to switching to a physics major and having the extra year of school? That is, if I graduated with a mathematics major, is there ANYTHING I could do, to make me eligible for a physics graduate program? (self teaching/other things).

If it matters, I am getting physics research experience right now with a professor at my school, that will continue until I graduate.

Just my last try at this, before I decide to buckle down and just go for the physics major.

Thanks for the help guys!

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What physics courses will you be missing?

It's possible that a grad program will let you take some upper level undergrad physics courses during your first year in the program. However, you should check with any potential program first, to make sure.
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Well, the way our physics courses are sequenced, I wouldn't be able to take it as a minor. Although I could fit probably 3 more physics courses in, (on top of physics 1 and 2, which I'm completing now) .

So I would only be taking, (in total):
-Calc based phys 1
-Calc based phys 2
-Electricity and magnetism
-Modern physics

As compared to the major, I'll be missing:
-Heat and Thermodynamics
-Quantum Mechanics 1 and 2
-And a few labs, and seminar in physics of course.

So I'll be missing quite a bit I think :/
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but on the bright side, I would be going up to advanced calculus, and PDE's with the mathematics major.
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-Electricity and magnetism
-Modern physics

-Heat and Thermodynamics
-Quantum Mechanics 1 and 2

Are a must if you didn't studied equivalent courses elsewhere.

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