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Want to know of any easy physics book for beginners

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    im in 9th grade going into tenth and i have read very briefly of some physics and have found it to be very interesting. i want to find an easy to comprehend physics book that in not going to break the bank.
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    "Thinking Physics" by Lewis Carroll Epstein
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    You can't go wrong with Richard Feynman's "Six Easy Pieces": https://www.amazon.com/Six-Easy-Pieces-Essentials-Brilliant/dp/0465023924 You can find this book in most bookstores like "Barnes and Noble".

    Possibly the most famous physics lecturer of all time. You should get acquainted with Richard Feynman as soon as possible, he has changed many lives and is one of the most famous figures in physics (of course you will only be able to experience his writing/lectures/youtube videos/etc. He died in 1988.) I encourage you to youtube him if you're not sold. Here is just a sample:

    Sorry for my indoctrination heh.. You won't be sorry ;)
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    "Conceptual Physics" by Paul G. Hewitt
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    Well I'm in year 10, I really recommend learning at least single-variable calculus before starting physics, so you understand where the physics equations you're using come from and you will be able to apply them better, and you will be much further ahead than people a few years ahead of you. Any Calculus text book is good, since they've taken many years to perfect them, since most people suck at it :>

    After learning single-variable calculus buy "Physics for Scientists and Engineers" By Paul. A. Tipler - It's a very good book for studying physics, it's pretty much a first year undergraduate physics text book but is really good for people who know at least single-variable calculus. I finished it a while ago, so have a crack at it. This is a lot of work, so hopefully you're dedicated.

    If not and you just want to read about it, buy "Understanding Physics" by Isaac Asimov, it's such a good book and it's good for people around your age. Good luck my fellow scientist!
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