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Wanted: specific youtube science series, forgot who made it...

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    This is a desperate attempt to find a set of videos I saw about a year ago on YouTube. It was not one of the big, well known guys like Veritasium or SciShow, it was just one middle aged guy. He explained scientific advancements through history, and gave really, really detailed accounts of how the experiments were performed. One of the experiments was the double-slit, and I think he may have done a video about the discovery of infrared light. I've search on all kinds of variations of those themes and haven't found his videos.

    I think the host of the video may be a professor or an engineer. One thing that bugged me about the videos was that the microphone was picking up the clicking of his lips when he talked, which drives me nuts, but I liked the video so much that I stuck it out. He only made five or six videos when I saw his channel, but enjoyed them immensely.

    If anyone has seen these, or knows who I'm talking about, PLEASE reply so I can stop going nuts. I also want to watch them again, anyway. :)

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    How about him: ?
    At least the audio track comes close to your description.
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    Nope, that's not it. But thank you!

    Incidentally, I just realized that every 'wrong' reply will actually include a cool science video I might not have seen before. Best thread ever!
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    robphy: No, that's not it. But thank you for those, I'm looking forward to watching them!
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