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Wanted to interview a mechanical Engineer

  1. Dec 3, 2008 #1
    Yo can I ask you a few questions for one of my engineering classes. I'm required to interview a engineer. Mechanical Engineering is what I want to do.

    How did you decide upon this occupation?

    If you were hiring a person for your job, what are the qualifications for which you would looks?

    How are you evaluated?

    What do you enjoy about your occupation? What are the personal rewards?

    Describe a typical day in your work?

    What are the typical fringe benefits?

    What part-time work experiences could help me get acquainted with this occupation? Does your firm use college interns?

    Who else could I talk with about work in this occupation?

    What advice do you have for a person who is considering this occupation?

    If also you could pm me your email address and possibliy a phone number. Neither of these will be used, I just need them as proof to a teacher.
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    I would have nothing to do with someone who addresses me as "Yo" for starters.
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    It is an online forum, I can address people however I like and no one in other forums I am actively in have cared. I received about 5 surveys from fellow car forum members who are mechanical engineers using the same thread. <<deleted by berkeman >> and don't post if you are not going to provide any useful information.
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    We run the PF differently. We expect members to be polite to each other, and post well enough for others to be able to read (and reply if they want to), without a lot of other noise in their posts.

    We do not allow insults here, so I have edited your post slightly to remove the (mild) insult.

    As for the interview questions, you may receive some replies and you might not. Answering interview questions can be a bit time consuming, so it's typically hit-and-miss whether you will get somebody with the time and inclination who happens to read your post. I've answered a couple sets of such questions in the past (I'm an EE), but spare time is quite variable with me and my job, so I'm not able to respond to all interview requests.

    Welcome to the PF, BTW. It is definitely one of the best discussion forums on the web for science and engineering.
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    BTW, I just did a search for threads with Interview in the title, and got several hits. Here's one with an interview of an ME, in case that helps. You could do some more searching here on the PF to see if you can find other threads with interviews that you can use.

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    All I did was put "Yo" and there is nothing else that made my post hard to read. I really do not need this interview information anymore since it was due over a week back.
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    Yeah, I'll admit "Yo" is pretty small as far as noise, and it probably wouldn't have bothered me much. It's posts that are cluttered with txt speak that generate lots more problems. The mild insult in your response was more of the issue for me.

    Sorry that your original post wasn't answered in time for the due date -- I see now that your OP was from a while back. That's kind of what I was mentioning about this type of post -- it may or may not get answered, depending on whether you get lucky and somebody with the right background and spare time happens to see it.

    Hope you give the PF another try in the future, whether it's in the Homework Help forums, or in the general forums if it's not homework/coursework.
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