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Wanting to obtain Master of science

  1. Jul 8, 2009 #1
    I've recently graduated, my specialty is Nuclear and Radiation Engineering, I am looking into graduate courses in my university, the thing is the department is limited by the available professors, I am also attracted tp the idea of obtaining the degree from the mechanical engineering department in Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, it was once of my favorite subjects and it's the closest to my department, but I am also looking into the prospect of what happens after that.

    I am not looking for definite answers, I just need some leads, important things to consider, previous experience anyone?
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  3. Jul 16, 2009 #2
    Now looking back at this thread, it's quite difficult to find an answer, let me rephrase;

    I am a Nuclear and Radiation Engineer fresh graduate, with the lack of specialty programs in my country, I've been into NDT, the problem is the posts I am getting are managerial (something about being is a girl is not suitable for the job). I quit that job last May due to many many problems, after a while and a few interviews, you get ah you are good, but you are a girl, how are you gonna manage in the desert with technicians and stuff...blablabla.

    So I've been always interested in oil careers, and I am stuck with some emails that promise that they'll call soon because my CV is impressive. And a 2nd interview with a major oil company, they keep confirming their interest every few months and apologize because the financial crisis messed up everything.

    And then I remembered my special studies that were about the nuclear medicine, and word spreads that we can get into that field, and now I am collecting my information to go and apply at some places nearby.

    In the same time I've a college professor who has my cv and grad certificate ready to apply for a position in the new nuclear project the government is adopting as soon as he gets the chance.

    And I think to myself isn't that a little to distracting?? I've graduated 4th on my class and I can't find a job, not any job, a job that solidifies my career and adds to my skills.

    I am learning German, I speak 4 other languages, and I am learning German, I like thermal engineering, but I am a bit lost and I can't focus about what exactly in thermal engineering that I want, infact I am interested in Cryogenics, but that's not an option atm.

    I am going crazy here, I feel so unfocused but how am I supposed to focus?
  4. Jul 16, 2009 #3
    Where do you live?

    Oil companies are multinationals, I would say try applying to a branch of an oil drilling place in an area that is less sexist.
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  6. Oct 29, 2009 #5
    I am frustrated and can't find a job and it's been over a year or at least 4 months since my last employment, I am going for a masters degree in thermal engineering in the mechanical engineering department, now I've 3 undergrad subjects this term and I am a 20 days apart from the mid-terms, which is really no problem as soon as i meet people and get the material everything should be good and in place.But a nagging incessant voice keeps telling me this is the right move in the wrong time!! Which is basically wrong wrong wrong...

    The program is the last thing on my mind these days, because I really need to practice my profession, but if not I'd still like to remain fresh. I just donno how to do that anymore. I am taking language courses looking for jobs continuously and trying to improve my soft skills along with other things to keep my cv fresh and updated.

    Everyone who takes a look, everyone i contact, mostly when I am interviewed, i am being told my cv is impressive, some didn't hire me cause i have to move to another city and they prefer locals (cheaper, although i told them i don't mind), some tell me if only you were a guy, I am sick of hearing it. I am sick of the whole thing. I just want to practice, what's wrong with that? I don't even look for a job, I look for anything, internship, training, whatever...

    All I got to work was 2 months with the worst employer on the face of the earth that most of the engineers had to quit in the same time as i did.

    I was wondering if it's the way i present my self, but i do get interviews, first and second, i just have so little experience.
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