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Wat is the exciting topic in math to learn?

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    wat is the exciting topic in math to learn..?
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    Re: Math

    It depends on several factors like your knowledge, your age, what you are interested in, etc...

    If I asked "What is the most exciting game to play?", my father would say chess, my brother would say tennis, and my little cousin would say tic-tac-toe.
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    Re: Math

    Obviously addition. That was a blast.
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    Re: Math

    True that. But when subtraction came into the picture... *orgasms*
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    Re: Math

    Maths is a very great and important study for life. i said important for life because every one uses math knowingly or unknowingly. in the world everything is a maths including human behaviors. oops i think i am going beyond your question. my answer is learn as much as possible all the fields in maths are interesting. but what ever field you choose, start from the basics.
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    Gib Z

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    Re: Math

    You know why they say ladies have it better then don't you? They can do multiplication!
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    Re: Math

    Everyone knows that the most exciting topic in mathematical physics is stuporspace, which includes such techniques as Chevrolet Cohomologies, off-Shell Petroleum Derivatives, Non-Abelian Wind-Mills, Telephone operators, and the McDonald-Hamburger nullity relations!

    See the following paper by Kangaroo et al:


    The purpose of this is to parody the use of buzzwords in mathematics and physics that publishers and grant agencies encourage.
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