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Water pump design of an engine?

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    Hey all,

    So I'm trying to figure out a design for an engine that will fit in a rectangle space, longer horizontally than vertically, so I thought of a water pump. A water pump is a blade that channels one stream of water into another channel.
    So then I thought why can't I do the same thing with air? If I alter the turbine blades a little could the same output effect be given?

    And to extend, if this does work, how would I be able to increase the output thrust?
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    You would have to radically change the blades... In the pump, the blades are giving out energy to the water/liquid. In an engine, the blades would have to be receiving as much energy as possible from the air passing by it. Even then, you will have efficiency losses due to energized air passing by the blades without contributing to the blades motion....

    Have you heard of a turbo-jet engine? It's a jet engine made from an automotive turbo charger. It works on the same principals you were thinking of about the water pump.


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