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Engineering Water ride / roller coaster designer?

  1. Jun 21, 2016 #1
    What major would you study for a job like that, i'm hoping for someone to say structural/ civil/ architectural engineering because thats what i'm looking into but i've heard that its more mechanical or electrical engineering.
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    In my opinion, take any of them... You learn a lot of the same things, however, there are differences. I work in engineering for a large wind energy company, and I don't even have a degree. It's more about the experience that you have. I gained my position from many years of manufacturing experience. I know more engineers without degrees than I know with degrees. Ninety percent of the time my bosses have to come to me for problems.

    I am currently in school for Physics.
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    I'd recommend that you plan to major in ME, and look at breadth classes to focus on specializing in structure design and modeling.
    Contraty to what @Scraps is saying, in addition to your degree, you will need to earn your Professional Engineer certification if you are going to be designing and working on structures that involve life safety.
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