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Homework Help: Watt needed to heat up an iron, correct?

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    an IRON cube with (Length 1.3cm Width 1.3cm Height 0.7cm) so
    Volume = 1.183cm^3

    density of an IRON = 7.8gm/cm^3 so
    Mass = 9.2274gram

    Q=mcT c for iron = 0.450 J/(g·K), T difference = 160 degree celsius
    Q=9.2 . 0.45 . 160

    1Joule = 1 Watt.second

    so if i need to heat up an IRON from 20C to 180C (T difference = 160 degree celsius) in 60second

    so i need (662.4/60) = 11.04Watt

    correct? please advice..

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    Yes that should be correct.
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