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Wave/particle duality

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    When we observe electromagnetic waves going through that wall-like construction (with two holes in it) of that famous experiment, whose name I unfortunately don't know in English, we observe a particle-like behavior. Many people call that a fundamental phenomenon of quantum physics. But isn't it the case that by our measuring procedures we are actually synthetically manipulating the natural electromagnetic waves; thus there isn't actually a duality, but only by synthetically manipulating of the actual natural electromegnetic waves into synthetic photons?

    Or another thought of me: the electromagnetic waves could be particles/photons that follow a wave-like motion...
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    Quantum mechanics describes things in a whole new way -- one that is capable of approximating the notion of "particle" and the notion of "wave".

    In other words, it's neither a wave nor a particle: it's a more interesting sort of object!
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    You may want to read the FAQ in the General Physics forum.


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    good query
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