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Wavefunction collapse - experimental proof?

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    Have you recently came across and remember titles of papers about real experiments concerning the famous double slit electron behaviour?

    I have found some about electron diffraction, but I'm still looking for those that showed how interference pattern is broken when we watch where the electron goes. Could anyone help? I just keep wondering how they managed to prove these cool things experimentally - directly on those small scales, or somehow indirectly, or...? :)
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    A version of the double slit with only one electron present in the setup at any time was performed in 1989 by researchers from Hitachi ("Demonstration of single‚Äźelectron buildup of an interference pattern", American Journal of Physics 57, 117 (1989)).

    A short video clip describing the experiment can still be found on the Hitachi webpage: http://www.hitachi.com/rd/research/em/doubleslit.html
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