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Waves-Fourier-Electronics-Physics book recommendation[REQ]

  1. Nov 30, 2013 #1

    I've recently realized that i lack knowledge in all wave aspects(Communication\Physics\Mathematics).
    I'm embarrassed to say that I can not explain what "bandwith" is, why fourier analysis work, what is actutally a phase, how modulation works, how is intensity measured and what does it really mean.
    The only time i've encountered a good explanation about waves was in a quantum text(Quantum Reality...), where i also encountered my ignorance.

    Can anyone recommend me a comprehensive book about waves? so i could explain both basic and advanced topics in wave physics and communication theories.

    My math and physics background is ok(Linear Algebra, Calculus I-II, not differential equations)

    Thank You!
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    A classic and inexpensive one: French, Vibrations and Waves.
    A free and interesting one: "The Physics of Waves" by Georgi which can be legally downloaded from the author's website at Harvard's or from MIT.edu.

    But you need some very basic knowledge on differential equations (ordinary and partial) if you manna make some sense out of those books.
    You might find something easier in a general physics textbook, such as Feynman's lectures on Physics, or Ohanian's Physics.
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    Agree with the previous poster.

    I personally learnt all this stuff eons ago from a book called - Signals, Systems and the Computer by Paul Chirlian and thought it quite good - don't know if its still about.

    A STRONG suggestion though; to understand Fourier, Laplace transforms etc, and the book above did this, is to understand Distribution theory, which is its natural mathematical setting - it really makes things a hell of a lot easier. I got a book on it ages ago that is still around:

    It will not just be invaluable for what you want but will benefit just about any area of applied math you may wish to look into.

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    A book on signals and systems will have all the Fourier analysis, modulation, phase, etc. that you are looking for. Will not cover physics of waves, though.

    Signals and Systems by Oppenheim and Wilsky is a very good book - the first edition is good and is cheap on amazon. I also really like Linear Systems and Signals by Lathi. For more on communications, I recommend Modern Digital and Analog Communications by Lathi.

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    Thank you all for your recommendations, i'll check all the options out.
    As far i understand though, i really need to bump up my math skills, thanks :)
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