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Web Designer with a twist recommendations

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    As a favor for a friend I need the following:

    A web developer who can offer their services to put the meat behind a web site, they are from a foreign country if that matters.

    1: order processing
    2: backup of all customer client contact information securely
    3: handle clients from multiple countries, languages, currencies
    4: have traceback to trend where customers originate
    5: be able to use all major credit cards, PayPal
    6: once website is established, software to add content, video's etc..
    7: most important is honest/trustworthy
    8: can produce the product based on estimate and schedule and deliver on time
    9: the goal is a debugged working secure website in two to three months

    This person has been taken for a ride before. I am trying to do the right thing by
    steering them in the right direction. I know this crowd will not let me down.

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    Hi Rhody, what I can recommend is going through a site like http://www.elance.com

    At Elance you can post your project and have freelance developers bid on your project. I've used the site several times in the past and was always happy with the results as long as you thoroughly investigate the bidders.
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    Muchos gracias Greg...

    Rhody... :smile:
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