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B Weird quantum property of empty space?

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    Is there any other detection's to back this up?

    By studying the light emitted from an extraordinarily dense and strongly magnetized neutron star, astronomers may have found the first observational indications of a strange quantum effect, first predicted in the 1930s. The polarization of the observed light suggests that the empty space around the neutron star is subject to a quantum effect known as vacuum birefringence.
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    There is nothing weird about it. It is an interaction between a magnetic field and electromagnetic waves. The interaction between electric fields and electromagnetic waves (Delbrück scattering), and electromagnetic waves with electromagnetic waves (light-by-light scattering) has been seen before. This is just another (the last?) aspect to be observed - if they actuall did observe it, apparently there are still some doubts.
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    When magnetic field has energy density which is some 10000 times more than rest-mass density of lead, I bet all sorts of usually very weak effects become noticeable.
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