What is Empty space: Definition and 69 Discussions

The Empty Space is a 1968 book by the British director Peter Brook examining four modes or points of view on theatre: Deadly; Holy; Rough; and Immediate.
The book is based on a series of four lectures endowed by Granada Television and delivered at Manchester, Keele, Hull, and Sheffield Universities in England. The first lecture, on The Deadly Theatre, was delivered on 1 February 1965 at Manchester University. The lecture series helped to fund his long-planned trip to Afghanistan.The work was considered controversial when first published in 1968 and received mixed reviews. However, it is now widely taught in higher education theatre studies courses.
The Empty Space is defined by Brook as "[A]ny space in which theatre takes place." "I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged".Empty Space Peter Brook Award

The Empty Space Peter Brook Award was an annual prize awarded to a theatre in recognition of pioneering concepts and innovations in theatre achieved in smaller venues and inventive spaces which receive minimal or no public funding. Award categories included regional theatres and up-and-coming theatre. Winners include the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond, London (2006 and 2015), Unicorn Theatre, London (2014), the Shed at the National Theatre, London (2013), and the Finborough Theatre, London (2012 and 2010). The last award, to The Yard Theatre in London, was made in 2017.

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  1. A

    I Does electron beam in empty space generate magnetic fields?

    Does electron beam in empty space generate magnetic fields around them just as with current in conductor. If yes, then is it experimentally proven that two parallel electron beam would attract each other.
  2. Flying_Dutchman

    Electrodynamics: divergence of E in empty space

    What is the physical significance of fundamental law del.E=0 in free space ?
  3. H

    I Can empty space be considered ‘elastic’ and expandable?

    The intention of this question is to get to the heart of the geometrical properties of space-time according to GR, and to focus entirely on what the theory allows, and not so much on what we actually see. I would like to consider a perfect vacuum, in a euclidian infinite void, completely devoid...
  4. Arman777

    I Pair Production in Empty Space

    I am not sure this question has been asked here before but I am curious about it. From the Modern Physics Course, I learned that we need a nucleus to create an electron and positron pair (with a photon). And the reason is stated as to conserve linear momentum. If this is the case then how the...
  5. N

    I Can matter come into existence in empty space?

    A question arose over a simplification I wrote on another subject. My i information say's that matters antimatter pairs are generated in what is known to be very empty space such as the voids within the cosmic web. When I read about this it was considered anomalous but definitely verified. Now...
  6. Quantum Velocity

    I How stuff in empty space cools down?

    If a body have heat and floating in space do it loss heat? If it does loss heat and the how? Thanks!
  7. Arman777

    Electromagnetic Field in Empty Space

    Our Professor said there will be still an electric field in empty space even without charges.Hows that possible.Space-time has a some quantum property that acts like this ?
  8. wolram

    B Weird quantum property of empty space?

    https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/11/161130082804.htm Is there any other detection's to back this up?By studying the light emitted from an extraordinarily dense and strongly magnetized neutron star, astronomers may have found the first observational indications of a strange quantum...
  9. V

    Flushing Data in Loop? -- Keep Entering Empty Space

    Hello, I am in my first class for C++, so I apologize in advance if this question is amateurish. To be clear, this project is already finished, and what I am trying to do already counted points off against me; I am not interested in cheating, I just want to know what the answer to my issue is...
  10. P

    I If fields fill all of space, how do they have room to move?

    If fields fill all of space, how do they have room to move? Those tile games we had as kids always required one empty space to slide the tile into.
  11. C

    B What takes up the empty space of an atom?

    Please post scientific analysys like measurements. I want to see what they measured with measuring devices. I tried searching Google. Couldn't find any good paper on the subject. Only answers that it's empty and that it's not empty. Always contradictions when searching on Google!
  12. Dr. Strange

    What is the energy in a cubic km of empty space?

    If I have a 1 km cube of empty space at a constant temperature of 2.7 K, how much energy do I have? That is, if I know the total volume of space in the universe and I know what the average temperature of that space is, can I computer to total energy of the universe?
  13. N

    Exploring the Empty Space of Atoms: The Zero-Dimensional Particle Theory

    If all fundamental particles are zero dimensional, are atoms empty space? And they are zero dimensional, does that mean that we don't exist?
  14. P

    Does empty space have a mass effect?

    I red about that because of quantum mechanics space cannot be empty. Particles and their anti particles pop into existence, and the next moment they annihilate each other and vanish out of existence. But most particles are not mass less, so this noise of short lived virtual particles; i think...
  15. S

    How big is an object in empty space?

    Hello, I'd like to share with you a core idea of simple thought experiment which I have had on my mind for a while. I'll be happy if you tell me your opinion and what I am missing. Please note, as English is not my first language, the text below may not be written in the best way (I hope you'll...
  16. skepticwulf

    Empty space in atoms vs orbits

    We often read that atoms are mostly empty space. A common example is given as, if the atom was a big as a football stadium the nucleus would be as big as a tennis ball on the center and nearest electrons circling around at far side of seats or something like that. How does this reconcile with...
  17. carllacan

    Difference between conductors and empty space

    Inside a conductor, as opposed to inside an insulator, charges are free to move around and reposition themselves, which causes that, if we wait a long enough time, the electric field inside them will be zero. But in an empty space there's nothing (by definition) that can stop charges from...
  18. D

    Could the Twin Paradox in GR be Generalized to Completely Empty Space?

    Whenever the twin paradox in GR seems to be discussed, it always seems to be done in the presence of a large mass such that the twins can be considered as test particles moving in some metric. I was wondering whether the same problem could be generalised and be proposed in completely empty...
  19. I

    Empty Space: Energy, Warping, Bending, & Gravity

    If we were to take a region of space which had nothing in it, no particles, no light, just empty space, would this space contain energy of some sort? Also if space can warp, change, bend etc then can space be made of something? Like a material? If empty space is nothing then how can it bend or...
  20. S

    Exploring Matter: Empty Space & Energy

    Learing about matter and what it is composed of, I'm spending a lot of time trying to wrap my brain around the idea that most of our mass is empty space, that the mass of our atoms is calculated and expressed in energy. How is this possible? Are the recreations moving so fast they almost create...
  21. DiracPool

    What is "empty space" composed of?

    I'm trying to sketch out what empty space is composed of and I'm drawing a blank (pun intended). http://instantrimshot.com/ No, really though, I'm trying to wrap my head around just what exists in this newly-modeled seething foam we used to call "nothing." From what I understand, within the...
  22. C

    Can Empty Space Curve? FRW Cosmology Equations Explored

    If I start with the standard FRW cosmology equations, $${\eqalign{ 3\dot a^2/a^2&=8\pi\rho-3k/a^2\cr 3\ddot a/a&=-4\pi\left(\rho+3P\right),}}$$ and set [/tex]\rho=P=0[/itex] (or $T^{\mu\nu}=0$), I have $${\eqalign{ 3\dot a^2/a^2&=-3k/a^2\cr 3\ddot a/a&=0.}}$$ The second equation gives $$\ddot...
  23. V

    Exploring the Concept of Empty Space: Fact or Fiction?

    Is there in reality empty space where there is no energy or matter? or has anyone seen or detected it?
  24. anubodh

    Exploring the Possibility of Friction in Empty Space Due to Quantum Fluctuations

    Since there are quantum fluctuations popping in and out of existence then there should be an friction in the space though negligible(i know that they disappear in less than planks time but even then there should be a frictional force all round the universe)
  25. P

    Measuring velocity in empty space

    Let me preface this by saying I know very little about relativity. Last night a friend and I were discussing a particular scenario that will probably arise when humans begin to be capable of interstellar travel. Say you take off from Earth and accelerate to some velocity and then coast until you...
  26. M

    Can you reach absolute zero in complete empty space

    Ok, so I know that the laws of physics say reaching absolute zero temperature is impossible, but suppose we took a box that was perfectly insulated in completely empy space, and I took all the particles out of it to create a vacuum. Now, since there are no particles in the box, then wouldn't...
  27. Z

    Is more than 99.9% of any object is just empty space?

    Because of the proportionately huge spaces between the wave-particles in the atom, we accept that 99.9% of any object is empty space. If I understand this at all, the 'empty space' to which this refers is nothing, i.e. not a thing. Of course we would like to describe or quantify 'empty...
  28. R

    How much mass does 'Dark Matter' and 'Nothing' (empty space) have?

    I know these are ambiguous questions and am probably opening up a complex can of worms. I figure if we know how much of the universe is composed of dark matter and it's effects, we should also have an idea about its mass from its gravitational pull. Also I figure since truelly empty space also...
  29. H

    Forces Acting on a Rod in Empty Space: Motion & Kinetic Energy

    Suppose I have a metal rod in empty space with a uniform mass distribution. Suppose a force acts perpendicular to the rod at some distance R from the rod's centre of mass over some time Δt. There are no other forces acting on the rod. (1) What type of motion will the rod have over Δt? Will...
  30. A

    Atom Empty Space: What is in Between Electrons and Nuclei?

    I've always heard that atoms are 99.9999996% empty space, now I am wondering is the empty space between the orbiting electrons and the nuclei just empty; a vacuum...?? My question is: What is in the empty space of the atom?(for I doubt it is actually purely empty) What is in the space between...
  31. A

    Is there empty space with null energy?

    hi my question is simple: is there empty space with null energy? thx.
  32. S

    Solve Spivak's Rocket in Empty Space

    I'm reading Spivak's mechanics book and I'm stumped on some of the math in his derivation of an analytic expression for the motion of a rocket in empty space. Let \mathbf{v}(t) be the rockets velocity, let \mathbf{q}(t) be the velocity at which fuel is ejected from the rocket, and let m(t) be...
  33. S

    Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Empty Space

    Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and "Empty Space" I'm new to this forum, and I've looked around but did not find this discussed. Apologies if I missed it. Has anyone in the research of Astrophysics considered the "missing mass" of the Universe to be contained in the structure of space-time itself...
  34. J

    Zero-point energy in empty space

    Could the zero-point field energy at each point in empty space be zero because it is canceled by its own negative gravitational self-energy? Inside particles zero-point energy modes that are larger than the particle size are excluded leading to an excess negative gravitational energy inside...
  35. N

    Electromagnetic fields and empty space

    is it possible for electromagnetic field to exist without matter?
  36. J

    How do electrons and protons interact in atoms?

    The most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen. The hydrogen atom, like all atoms, is composed of a nucleus orbited by a(n) electron(s). The most likely orbit of the electron in a hydrogen atom, according to the Bohr model, is about 5.3 X 10-11 meters. The volume of the hydrogen atom then...
  37. S

    Does empty space move? What are the laws that govern its motion?

    Does empty space move? What are the laws that govern its motion? The big-bang set the universe expanding. But universe did not consist of matter at that time. So, what started expanding! Empty space - I suppose. But do the laws of motion govern the motion of empty space as well? Don't we need...
  38. E

    Blocks of empty space within the known universe

    Please share the information you have about this topic, post only valid articles and research. By "blocks of empty space within the known universe" I mean blocks of space that are free of both matter and light i.e. there is no light or matter within that space;empty and dark. And the known...
  39. B

    Photons in Empty Space: Is Space Full?

    If a sun is giving off photons in every direction in space, does that not mean that all of empty space is full of photons? I know photons have no mass but that still means it is not a perfect vacuum right?
  40. M

    There is no such thing as empty space in an atom. True?

    There is no such thing as empty space in an atom. String Theory Amendum Another question that bothers me. We are taught that the atom is mostly empty space and I understand Bohr's atom and the concept of quantum. No problem. However, there is a movement in physics that states the "empty...
  41. M

    Ricci Tensor and Metric Restrictions

    I've been wondering two things lately. Why did Einstein make the assumption that the Ricci tensor is 0 in empty space. Is there a physical/mathematical reason? I know later he set it equal to another tensor...which leads to all the cosmological constant business, but I'm just curious why he...
  42. D

    Exploring the Connection Between Empty Space and Einstein's 4D Space-Time

    As you know 99.9999 % of our world is empty. Does this empty space correspond to Einstein 4D space-time.
  43. F

    Info regarding energy density of empty space?

    Hi, new guy here. I once saw a graph on the development of the energy density of the universe, with the X axis measuring time (I believe it was in billion years or so) while the Y axis meansuring the density. There were three lines in that graph, energy density of empty space, energy...
  44. S

    If all the empty space of atoms were removed, how big would this earth be?

    Hi everyone, first time poster. Considering some of the things discussed here, I apologize if my question sounds simplistic. If this Earth could be compressed so that all the empty space in atoms would disappear how big would this Earth be? My science teacher once told me that it would be...
  45. O

    Can Space Appear Curved Due to Forces Similar to Magnetism?

    I've thought about this one a few times in the past and can't wrap my head around it, how can space or rather nothing actually curve to cause the effect of gravity? Is it possible that it just looks like space curves and it's actually caused by something similar to magnetism? Think about...
  46. C

    Exploring the Concept of Empty Space: Understanding the Idea of a Vacuum

    What is "empty space"? I always hear this term: "empty space." It is synonymous with "vacuum," but I am having trouble understanding either of these two ideas. How can space be "empty?"
  47. P

    Feynman's empty space isn't really empty space

    At a physics conference on the east coast, feynman says that empty space isn't really empty but empty space make up of tiny elementary particles that have yet to be detected, and he demonstrated that space is not empty using his feynman diagrams. Physicists at the conference rejected feynman's...
  48. Ranger Mike

    Exploring Zero Point Energy in Empty Space

    Does Empty Space have Mass? Does Empty Space have Energy? from a previous post i learned that energy is everywhere. Even Empty Space. zero point energy. correct? never mind , i found the answers
  49. M

    Can empty space or emptiness conceive a form from which matter arise?

    Can empty space or emptiness conceive a form from which matter arise?
  50. J

    Empty Space Just a quick thought you might enjoy.

    "Empty Space" Just a quick thought you might enjoy. I was reading a book on quantum gravity the other day when I found myself having a lot of trouble grasping the idea of empty space. When you really sit back and take it in, it is so weird only because we never really experience it. Another...