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Well I'm starting back at college again

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    Wow, never thought this would be hard but I'm not enjoying it. Ugh... Visual programming, it looks so complicated to me. Maybe soon it will make since to me.
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    how old are you?
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    I'm 22, not that I'm old but I feel lost. I took a few quarters off from school because of working so much overtime
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    Buck up, Mcknia! You can do it.

    I left college after my junior year to earn more money. After a couple of years in construction, I managed to go back for another semester taking tech/engineering courses mostly, and it was a breeze. The extra maturity put me head-and shoulders above my younger classmates. Plus, instead of pursuing a piece of paper, I was taking courses that I felt would enhance my value as an employee in soil sciences, materials inspection, etc. That was real freedom!

    Are there peer study-groups at your school? Can you use them to tap into the insights of others in your classes? Programming is not really tough - but it can be grueling if you have to write and troubleshoot thousands of lines of code under a deadline. Having a peer-group to bounce ideas off (and share back with them) is a nice way to get insights into some stuff that might have eluded you so far.
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    Yay, mck! Best wishes.
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    Visual programming is older than you are. Congratulations, and keep us up to date on your progress.
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    In my experience, learning a programming language results in a very high number of "A-ha!" moments per hour. In that regard, it's kind of fun. Lots of sitting and staring at a screen, though.
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    Learning little tricks and traps in programming is the fun part. If you can come up with some slick work-arounds that save you lots of lines of code, that is JOY!
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    Yay!! I just finished my first full semester back and holiday class ends after tonight.

    It's harder than I imagined it would be, so don't get discouraged.
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    So happy for you Mcknia!! You'll do great.
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    Are you taking C++ 101? I thought that might be a funny name for a course.
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    It's the basic stuff for now. If I like it that much then I may do the C++. I had never even heard of this stuff. It sounds more confusing than it really is. I'm loving it! I have few friends that do this for a living. I may get them to help if I realy need it.
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    We only have class once a week, so it will be hard to remember some stuff

    I know I'm not that old, but it seems like a lot to take in with such little time to do so
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    Good luck, mcknia!
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    Thanks everyone! It's pretty fun! I just hope I feel smarter soon... this stuff is kind of tough
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