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What a world without decoherence would be like

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    Here are the Pirsa video talks by Robin Blume-Kohout:

    I've just seen one talk, that he gave October 1, just a couple of weeks back.
    The topic is Quantum Knowledge.

    What is it. What is quantum data compression. What is a quantum agent.
    How can you tell something is a quantum agent.

    Robin B-K is good. I have to recommend this talk to just about anybody, at any level, who is interested in the quantum-classical borderline of reality.
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    Thanks Marcus, I just tried to give it a 5 min skim and I partially like what I see. I need to get time to listen to this talk in it's entitry.

    I connect particularly to some things he says, for example his behaviouralism suggesting that the action of a system reflects it's knowledge. This is really close to how I envision that you can infere the microstructure of the environment or any other system by observing and restructuring the information. Also the idea that quantum agents (I would call it a quantum inference system) would outperform in certain situations a classical agents also makes excellent sense to me. I see the parallells to game theory where it's been noted several times that quantum games are in a certain way "more efficient", I think of them as beeing "more fit", which is why there is a selection for them in the evolutionary view I have.
    But I think the spirit of intent is very similar.

    I'll try to read this more properly tonight maybe.

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