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Near term observ. constraints on QG dispersion

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    MTd2 spotted this paper on arxiv and flagged it for us:
    Yes! I am very glad to get this one.

    This paper follows up on a March 2009 video seminar talk Giovanni A-C gave at Perimeter. I'll get the link. Yeah, it's easy to google: just say "Amelino Perimeter".
    This often works, google perimeter+the person's last name. In this case it gives

    And in this case we pick http://pirsa.org/09030039/
    The video for the talk called "Fermi's Lazy Photon"

    The headline observational result refered to here was reported January 2009 by Charles Dermer for the Fermi Collaboration ("Fermi" is the official name of the GLAST gammaray burst observer spacecraft.)
    The Fermi Collaboration computed and reported best yet lowerbound estimate on the quantum gravity parameter MQG > 1.3 x 1018 GeV
    based on GRB 080916C

    Dermer is at Naval Research Laboratory. He gave the talk at the January AAS meeting in Long Beach.
    The corresponding paper was published in Science journal
    And they sometimes keep it off arxiv, so we can't get it free.
    There is some supporting material free on-line
    http://www.sciencemag.org/cgi/data/1169101/DC1/1 [Broken]
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