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Plasma What are Good Books for Space Plasma Physics?

  1. Nov 2, 2016 #1
    I have a space plasma physics book by W. Baumjohann and R. Treumann entitled Basic Plasma Physics, but it doesn't tell much of the physics behind them (well, it's basic after all). Are there any plasma physics books that concentrates on the physics behind them, and probably have some problems to solve?

    Thank you in advance.
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    What topics in the book seem to be lacking? Depending on what physics you are trying to learn, you may be better off with a more general plasma physics book.

    I've never read the book you are referring to, but it is actually one of the few textbooks that is an overview of space plasma physics. The only ones I know well are "physics of space plasmas" by Parks, and "introduction to space physics" by Kivelson and Russel. You can find my reviews of them here at physics forums:



    I have noticed that the authors of your book have written "advanced space plasma physics"; does it cover the material you are looking for?

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