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What are some Essential Texts for a well-rounded foundation?

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    In your opinions, what are a list of books that encompass the frontiers of modern physics at this time. In other words, if you had to pick a set of books that would contain the knowledge to begin work on original and pressing matters in modern physics, what would it be. I'm also interested in particular math books that would be of importance for such books. For example, books on gauge theories, string theory, modern quantum field theories, attempts at quantum gravitation, cosmology. Books on lie theory, topology, geometry necessary for such studies etc etc. Your input is greatly appreciated.
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    This thread should probably in the Academic Guidance forum -- because one doesn't just need textbooks to approach the "frontiers" of modern physics. Indeed, even very advanced research tomes are still some distance from the frontier. One must confront (and possibly drown beneath) the ocean of research papers in many journals.

    To get useful appropriate suggestions, you need to state your current background, level of physics+maths education, etc.
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    The list of required books would be rather long.
    For the case one is interested to have one book containing an introduction to all this, my recommendation is
    R. Penrose, The Road to Reality
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    A must read are all books by Weinberg, particularly his three-volume set on "The Quantum Theory of Fields".
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