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What are some nice topics to read about in Biochem?

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    This forum has led me to read a lot of Physics and Math, but I would like to read some exciting things about the going ons in Biochemistry. Would anyone mind helping me?
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    The journal PNAS regularly runs special features on current topics of wide and varied interest on a somewhat regular basis, and a fair number of them are heavily or reasonably intertwined with "hot topics" in biochemistry and biological sciences as a whole. They are freely available online, and are mostly a combination of review articles and original research. If you're interested, you can check out their list of special features http://www.pnas.org/misc/special.shtml".
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    Thanks for the recommendations and all. I would like some more, I checked everything out, haha.
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    http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/" [Broken]. A free archive of biological, biomedical, and related health care journals at the NIH. It also has links to author manuscripts to articles published in journals not archived there but supported by federal research grants from the NIH.

    If you have any particular interests, we might be able to pass along more appropriate and focused links.
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