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What are some real world applications of quadratics?

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    So in high school my teacher would like to always talk about how useful quadratic equations are in a diverse set of circumstances when using math to measure and calculate real life phenomena, but he never really mentioned any real world applications outside of a few abstract word problems.

    So I'd like to ask the engineers and mathematicians here, what are some real world situations where quadratic equations would be used to solve a particular problem?
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    As a quick response, a few application areas which come to mind are Optics, and pH Buffers, and some geometric surface problems based on rectangular shapes. Check your book (assuming either Intermediate Algebra, or College Algebra) for application problem exercises, since a good Algebra book would have them.
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    Go to a high building. Jump off the building. Your path can be accurately described using quadratic equations (ignoring air resistance).
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    Don't do this.
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    I have to agree with diffy, as then I would not be able to calculate anything :D

    Thanks for the replies everyone
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