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The Real World (known as Real World from 2014 to 2017) is a reality television series produced through MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions that most recently aired on Facebook Watch after airing on MTV from 1992 to 2017 and was originally produced by Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray. It is in development for future seasons on Paramount+. First broadcast in 1992, the show, which was inspired by the 1973 PBS documentary series An American Family, is the longest-running program in MTV history, one of the longest-running reality series in history, and is credited with launching the modern reality TV genre. Seven to eight young adults are picked to temporarily live in a new city together in one residence while being filmed non-stop.
The series was hailed in its early years for depicting issues of contemporary young-adulthood relevant to its core audience, such as sex, prejudice, religion, abortion, illness, sexuality, AIDS, death, politics, and substance abuse, but later garnered a reputation as a showcase for immaturity and irresponsible behavior.
The series has generated two notable related series, both broadcast by MTV: Road Rules, a sister show, which lasted for 14 seasons (1995–2007), and the ongoing spin-off reality game show The Challenge, which has run for 35 seasons since 1998, thus surpassing The Real World.On June 8, 2018, it was announced that MTV and Bunim-Murray Productions were working on a revival of The Real World, with the hopes of selling the new version to a streaming platform. In 2018, it was announced that the revival had been sold to Facebook Watch for a new American season, plus a Mexican and a Thai version of the show. The thirty-third season was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and premiered on June 13, 2019 along with the first new international localized versions since 1996: El Mundo Real in Mexico City and The Real World: Bangkok.

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  1. E

    I Non-Commutation Property and its Relation to the Real World

    I just learned that if two linear operators do not commute, this means when we use operators to characterize observables in quantum mechanics, the corresponding observables cannot both be definite at the same time. This seems hard to believe to me since I have a strong intuition, perhaps...
  2. Luja

    B Understanding Newton Force: Real World Examples

    I would just like to get a perspective on how much is an x amount of Newtons, like in real world examples. I know everyone says 100N is about equal to the force of a 10kg object being set on you, but this example really only gives perspective on downwards force. For example I calculated the...
  3. thomas-anderson

    B Real world problem - Child's toy engine

    I am not sure this is the right forum, but thought I would try, and you can flock me if I am wrong =) I have a real world problem. However, I don't recall ever having studied electromagnetism, thus I don't really have the necessary background to tackle this problem. I tried to speed up my...
  4. BWV

    I PDEs greater than order 2 with real world applications?

    Came across this today, a fourth order PDE - the Kuramoto–Sivashinsky equation, apparently used to model flames https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuramoto%E2%80%93Sivashinsky_equation Any other examples of high order PDEs with actual applications?
  5. greg_rack

    B Real world applications of differential equations

    Hi guys, how are you doing? My maths teacher asked me to work on and deliver an engaging insight-oriented "lesson" to my class, about physical/engineering and real-world applications of differential equations, in order to better get the meaning of operating with such mathematical objects. Of...
  6. kolleamm

    Crypto currency and solving real world problems

    There are specialized hardware units called ASICs. They perform some computation to mine crypto currency, such as Bitcoin. The computational problems they solve however (as far as I know) have no real world use and are done just for the sake of mining the virtual coin. There are organizations...
  7. BWV

    The Imprecision of Modeling Real World Events

    find the whole idea of modelling real world events involving human beings an interesting intersection of math, science and bull####. The idea of assigning a probabilty to a complex event like an election seems like scientism at its worst. If someone who has studies past elections says ‘my...
  8. Attu

    B Quarks -- real world problem

    quantum field physics gives us real good understanding different kinds of forces. i got interested in this topic when i was reading a textbook . and i found interesting how for quantum chromodynamics there are eight types of quarks and all have different effects. but in the book it was not...
  9. cookiemnstr510510

    Turning a real world problem into a calculus problem

    So I am a bit confused on how to get started. So far my thought process is we have water flowing in and water evaporating from the pool. The part that I think we are interested in is the leakage. The leakage has the rate it is flowing out per unit time. I will call it change in volume, or dV...
  10. S

    MHB Real world trigonometry problem making furniture

    I'm building a bed bench and I have an interesting trig problem that I can't figure out. I have a rectangle with known values and a parallelogram that bisects it with a known width. Like a board. I want to be able to figure out the angles so I can cut it. I want the board to intersect the...
  11. LittleRookie

    I How to relate multiplication of irrational numbers to real world?

    I'm aware of the axioms of real numbers, the constructions of real number using the rational numbers (Cauchy sequence and Dedekind cut). But I can't relate the arithmetic of irrational numbers to real world usage. I can think the negative and positive irrational numbers to represent...
  12. R

    MHB Calculating real world Liquid gas values

    Hello, I am trying to calculate the price of Liquid Gas of 1 TCF - My researce revealed to me that: 1 - I know that 100 cubic feet (Ccf) of natural gas equals 103,700 Btu or 1.037 therms 2 - I know that price per MMBtu multiplied by 1.037 equals price per Mcf 3 - The price of one MMBtu is...
  13. F

    I Conductors without real world particles

    do conductors have to be thought of in terms of protons and electrons? We can think of charged objects as continuous charge distributions for example without reference to any sort of real world particles. This is much simpler to grasp for me. Is the same sort of thing done for conductors, or...
  14. J

    Physics Out in the Real World, nobody seems to care

    I recently graduated with a physics Ph.D., and I am in the process of applying for an academic job. My advisors told me that it would be easy for me to get that job, but the job application process is quite bureaucratic, and it will take several months for it to complete. I am trying to get a...
  15. A

    B What are some real world example of these equations?

    I am in Algebra one. I am curious to know the real world applications in some of the equations I'm learning. I asked my math teacher and he didn't know any answers. I am interested in using slope formula and linear inequalities in real life. How will I be using this in physics? I would like...
  16. D

    B The Square of the Sum Formula and real world scenarios

    I'm starting with my self studying of math with Algebra I. The text I'm using is Gelfand and Shen's Algebra. I'm at the point where it talks about the Formula for the Square of the Sum, The Square of the Distance Formula, and The Difference of Squares Formula. In going over this, I understand...
  17. pixel

    Home runs and real world projectile motion

    When Major League home runs are hit now, data is usually displayed from Statcast showing the exit velocity, the launch angle and the range. If your students plug the first two values into the standard projectile range equation, they will find that the result is significantly larger than the...
  18. M

    Understanding Dyno Readings -- is HP "real world" HP?

    I did a thread a long while back and I was like really confused because one group was saying it is and another said no. This was bouncing off different sites and I believe I now know why I was having a hard time. I believe the information I am looking for may be rare. I understand it much...
  19. N

    I Real world process that results in reciprocal wavefunction

    Two Questions from a newbie. A) Is there a easily implemented process or reaction that results in a particle with reciprocal wave function of input particle? B) Is there a easily implemented process or reaction that results in a particle A transferring it's wavenumber and angular frequency to...
  20. A

    B Question about real world examples of 2.7 megajoules

    Recently I decided to combine three of my favorite things, physics, machines that propel things, and videogames. The game in question: Space engineers. Machine in question: A device of my own creation that abuses the marvel of artificial gravity to accelerate a projectile at high speeds. The...
  21. D

    Applications of coupled pendulums

    I have done an experiment changing the mass ratio of coupled pendulums. To conclude I need real world applications for the coupled pendulums. But, i cannot find it online. So, it would be really helpful is someone could give examples of this. THANKS!
  22. caters

    Best Tunnel Shape for X,Y,Z Coordinates

    Homework Statement X,Y,Z(coordinates) What function corresponds to the best tunnel shape? g = 9.8 m/s^2(earth gravity) Homework Equations F(x)=Y G(x)=X^2 in the xy plane G(z)= sin(X) in the xz plane H(x)= parabolic sinusoid(X^2 and sin(X) both in the xy plane) The Attempt at a Solution I have...
  23. Jeff Long

    Real World Gravity on an incline question

    Hi, I'm brushing up on my physics, and I have a real world problem I've chosen to solve! First the Word Problem part of it, then the Physics after that... I have a 3000 lb. Recreational Trailer that I wish to put on my driveway on the side. The driveway is at a 10 degree angle from level...
  24. Tap Banister

    I Can mathematics disagree with the real world?

    Are there "things" mathematics describes that can't exist in the real world; things mathematics says can exist but are actually impossible to ever exist in the world we live in? Also, are there things that do exist in our world that mathematics says can't exist? The obvious answer to me is no...
  25. N

    A Infinity in the real world?

    To what extent is the term infinity used in the physical world. When talking in terms of mathematics we can have a set of all natural numbers called an infinity, then we can have a value that comes after this set of infinity (lets call it 'a'). After 'a' comes 'a+1' then after this set of...
  26. matqkks

    MHB Group Theory: A Powerful Tool for Real World Solutions

    What is the most motivating way to introduce group theory to first year undergraduate students? I am looking for some real life motivation or something which has a real impact.
  27. W

    Real world applications of Jerk and Cons. Acceleration?

    I did some light searching for Jerk and didn't find much, maybe I can be directed there if my question has been asked. I was tasked to find some real world differences between the two in my Dynamics class. It's not really homework, so I didn't post it there. I'm looking for a discussion from...
  28. L

    "Feeling" the relation of math to the real world

    I am not a mathematician but, as such, I think I have a pretty good background in mathematics. I have a good understanding and experience with calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and probability theory. I also have interest in abstract algebra concepts, though I wouldn't say I am...
  29. C

    Real World Physics and my Wheels

    Good evening, First Post here on PhysicsForums! I'm building myself a 1939 Chevy HotRod and have encountered a slight problem with my build. I'm trying to find a wheel that will fit my project, but the problem is that they don't make it! There are numerous forums online with people both for and...
  30. K

    What's the greatest mechanical force we can achieve?

    hello everybody, just doing some general designing and was wondering what is the greatest mechanical force we can achieve already, in the form of a piston or a press. i am not to sure how, just want to know the value and how its achieved.
  31. F

    Physics equations used in real world photonics problem?

    We typically solve idealized problems in physics coursework. How about when we deal with real world Photonics Industry Problems, what Physics equations we will be talking of here?
  32. perplexabot

    How to find transfer function of real world system?

    Hey all! I am trying to figure out how one goes about to try and find the transfer function (impulse response) of a real life system. Assuming the system is LTI. This "system" I speak of is a channel that is comprised of components such as linear amps, a mixer (can we even assume a mixer is...
  33. Carlos Gouveia

    Exploring the Physics of Acceleration

    A car goes from repose (0 mph) to 50 mph in, say, 30 seconds. Math tells us that there is an infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 50 (or between any two other numbers). Therefore, isn't it "obvious" or "intuitive" that it would take a car an infinite amount of time to go from 0 mph to 50...
  34. sweet springs

    Noether's Theorem and the real world

    Hi. Noether's theorem comes from the symmetries of the world. In the real world the distribution of galaxies and materials are inhomogeneous. Noether's theorem does not stand for the real world, so conxervations of energy, momentum, angular momentum do not stand exactly. Is it OK...
  35. G

    RSA encryption in the real world?

    Homework Statement It is about an exercise called "RSA encryption". The problem statement was : Let p,q be distinct prime numbers so that ##n = pq##. If c,d are two integers so that the Euler totient function of n, ##\phi(n)##, divides ##cd - 1##, show that for any ##t\in\mathbb{Z}##, ##n##...
  36. Milkandcarrots

    Algebra Math in Real World: Solving Linear Equations

    Hello all, does anyone know of any math books, websites or just some plain tips to help with imaging using math in the real world(word problems). I need help understanding applications of linear equations.
  37. D

    Real world chemistry problem

    So I work at an assisted living facility where part of my job description is to administer medications in the morning. There is one resident who takes Miralax (polyethylene glycol) mixed in with water once per day for constipation. This is a doctor's order, so he must get it every day. The...
  38. M

    Real Electronics: Unveiling the Complexities Behind Everyday Devices

    I come across a number of electronic circuits - simple ones - in my studies as an undergrad student in Applied Physics. But I often wonder: the circuits that we are taught about are all run under idealised conditions. Even during practical demonstrations and labs, we run them with function...
  39. A

    Can a perfect circle exist in the real world?

    The (perfect) circle, defined in the Cartesian coordinates as the set of (x,y) pairs that fit the equation x^2 + y^2 = r^2 can "exist" as a mathematical abstraction, I have no problem with that. But can we have a perfect circle in the physical world? Particularly, can an object move in a...
  40. S

    Is it possible to measure Hausdorff dimension for real world objects?

    Is it possible practically to measure Hausdorff dimension of the surface of the Brain or the broccoli? For a broccoli Hausdorff dimension is equivalent to the so called box counting dimension, which is far more practical? I think, following the original definition Hausdorff dimension it is quite...
  41. J

    Real World Use of sin(x)/x

    What use in real world calculation is frac{sin x} / x ?
  42. A

    Defining a rest frame in the real world

    Hey guys, as we know the concept of the rest frame is one of the most famous concepts in any kind of relativity, because it must be known in which frame the body is at rest. My question is how do we define a rest frame on a solid object that has atoms vibrating, the body clearly does not have...
  43. B

    Is the real world mostly collapsed?

    I know that a resonator which is the size of cell isn't in superposition unless its cooled to its ground state. My question is does this imply that my car, house even my cells and atoms arnt in superposition in nature unless some scientists decide to isolate whatever thing they want from the...
  44. B

    Is the FFT effective for analyzing real world music?

    so I have a program that pull data from a microphone and does an FFT. now it is working for computer Generated Sin waves like from: http://onlinetonegenerator.com/ and youtube.. but not for read work sound from youtube. so I do not have a piano, but I have been using youtube videos...
  45. N

    Logarithms and their use in the real world

    Hello, I have been studying Logarithms in University. I understand it's how many of ONE number to get another number, and I see how it is rearranged to find these "missing" links. But maybe I am overlooking something, but I don't quite see the bigger picture here with how to use Logarithms. How...
  46. S

    Using Math in the Real World: A Guide by the University of London

    I came across this PDF while google'n. It's about how math is used in different jobs and not just some crap about "critical thinking skills" or balance your checkbook. Figured it might be a good resource for high school and college kids. Plus its really highly produced and made by the...
  47. W

    Real world problem, with KE problem

    What forum should I post this in, my friend died in a horrible car accident, some of us just want more answers I guess... Object A is in straight line motion Object B is static Object A impacts Object B Object A moves straight forward 60 m and rests Object B moves straight forward 76 m and...
  48. T

    Integration in real world.

    What is the difference between ∫X.dY and ∫Y.dX in the physical world? I know what the difference is in pure mathematics. ∫X.dY represents the are bounded by the curve and the Y axis while ∫Y.dX represents the area bounded by the curve and the X axis. But I am unable to translate this into...
  49. B

    Solving FFT Issues in Real World - Hi, I'm Using YouTube Vid

    Hi so I have a working FFT. I tested it but inputting sin waves into it. will not i am inputting sound waves from a Mic and it is not looking to do... example: I am using to youtube vid it outputs B7 (Musical note) b′′′′ Four-lined 3951.066 Frequency and I run my program this is what I...
  50. S

    Any real world use of imaginary numbers?

    Everybody says that it is used in engineering or somewhere but how can you use it. in real world it is impossible to take square of any number and get negative answer. how can it have any use when it does not even exist. and people talk about imaginary plane, what is it? Thanks for helping...