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News What are the cons of cannabis legalization?

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    Can someone describe them to me?
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    Oh no... The thread is back..
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    See "Because I got high" by afroman.
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    But in all honesty, there are none. The only thing marijuana legalization will do is make pizza companies stocks skyrocket.
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    Exactly, I can think of no argument against legalization.
    And "because I got high" is a great song :]
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    I know lots of them, dude, but I forgot, dude. What was the question, dude?
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    Here in BC it would hurt the economy. At the moment it brings in lots of money from it's illegal trade with the United States. If it were legalized it would become much more difficult to sell it to the United States because legal suppliers would not be able to export it, and illegal suppliers (that would still be exporting) would have to compete with the legal domestic suppliers. How much of BC's economy would be affected by it's legalization isn't easily measured due to it's illegal nature, but it would be a significant hit.

    However, if the US were to legalize it as well, that's a different ball game...
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    That was the song I mentioned, it's great, but can't post the video due to it being a bit too graphic in one part.

    We just had a very lengthy thread on this. Closed.

    Welcome back Smurf!!!!!
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